Cuomo was again sexually harassed by one of his former aides

Cuomo was again sexually harassed by one of his former aides
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo was re-charged this Saturday for allegedly sexually abusing one of his former aides. Collected in the interview conducted ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

This former assistant, Ana Liz, 35, worked at Cuomo between 2013 and 2015. In an interview with ‘The Wall Street Journal’ At first he said he saw the governor’s actions as harmless flirtations, but, over time, he came to see him as a supporter and felt he was declining professionally. “I felt a skirt,” she said.

Liz said in a reception room where he was Cuomo “Come to me and say, ‘Hello, honey!’ ” He hugged and kissed her on both cheeks, put his hand on her lower back and wrapped it around her waist. The newspaper reported that a photographer captured a picture of the scene.

Ana Liz, former aide to Governor Cuomo from 2013-2015
Ana Liz, former aide to Governor Cuomo from 2013-2015

“Reporters and photographers have seen the governor kiss men and women for 14 years and pose for photos.”, Said in a statement issued by Cuomo’s adviser Rich Asobardi ‘The Wall Street Journal’ Already ‘The New York Daily News’.

Liz noted that she never made a formal complaint about Cuomo’s behavior, but asked to be transferred to another office.

More than 30 officers currently working or working in the Cuomo office described the high-pressure work environment, and Liz and other current and former executives collect that the governor regularly asked about women’s love lives and commented on their physical appearance. ‘Mountain’.

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Accounts of harassment

The allegations were made a few days ago when Lindsay Boylan, who worked as Cuomo’s aide, released a letter in which she described the “bullying” within her administration as “very pervasive” and “expected.”

Also, Charlotte Bennett, who served as the Assistant Health Adviser to the New York State Government, and Anna Ruch, who met Cuomo in an assembly hall, reported another series of episodes that did not put the governor in a better place.

Attorney General of New York, Lydia James said the investigation began last Sunday and that his office would appoint a law firm to oversee it. In addition, he promised that this would give investigators the ability to call witnesses.

Liz said in the interview that she decided to report after hearing the allegations of other former aides Charlotte Bennett and Lindsay Boyle.

The avalanche of criticism and subsequent voices calling for his resignation prompted Cuomo to come out to apologize for what had happened, however he made it clear that his motives were “misunderstood” and that the way he had “never” touched anyone was “inappropriate.”

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, a Democrat, said this week when another indictment was filed that “it is time for me to resign.”

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