Curry brings the Lakers back to reality in a game with a disastrous ending

Curry brings the Lakers back to reality in a game with a disastrous ending

YesIf that's the case for the playoffs, there's a problem Angels. The Lakers surrendered a game that was so great, because of the names and the competition. As a good test of what will happen in the postseason. Because everything indicates that the confrontation against the Golden State Warriors will be repeated, and the feeling in Los Angeles is not good at all. The people of the Gulf were better and were victorious (121-128) This will not be recorded in history.

LeBron and Curry in action.

If that happens, it's not entirely a positive thing. Since it was the slowest ending to an NBA game. The last two minutes of the clock were played at minute 20! Surrealism. The reason was a problem with the possession clock. This had been happening since before, and this completely failed in the end. It took a long time to fix it and players couldn't believe it. “I'm too old for this crap,” said a stunned LeBron James. Defeat and a comical result. Why?

I'm too old for this shit

LeBron James

In court, he isThe Lakers have been paddling against the tide for a long time. They neutralized the first attempts From Curry (who started with 0 points in the first quarter). The 30th minute almost broke the match with a start of his own in the third period, but LeBron was the biggest competitor to give the Lakers their last breath (112-116, 43). But he couldn't resist another acceleration from Carey. He scheduled a layup, and Draymond Green and Green found himself reversing those roles to prevent another King rush from opening up the game. Stealing the ball from Curry to LeBron ended the game.

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Curry made a playoff attempt. His 30 points (12/24 TC), 6 rebounds and 5 assists were enough for another great episode against LeBron. 'King' scored 40 points (15/23 TC) with 9 assists and 8 reboundsBut it wasn't enough against the Warriors, who finished ninth in that Play-In battle (35-31 to 36-32). “I don't want to offend, but the LA crowd didn't notice it. There was no atmosphere. I was in the finals here and I didn't feel the same. “Our fans will be heard more,” Klay Thompson said. The Warriors came out more relieved.

LeBron wants to move beyond Curry.

The Los Angeles crowd didn't notice

Klay Thompson

Because apart from LeBron and with Davis out of the game soon due to an eye issue, the Lakers are flawed. Things that some competent warriors took advantage of. Only Draymond GreenWith 6 points and 13 assists, he remained a starter for the Bay team without scoring more than 10 points.

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