Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera’s reaction to the jealous photo?

Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera’s reaction to the jealous photo?

Cynthia RodriguezShe shows off her most colorful and heart-melting outfits in shorts in the halls of Tv Azteca, and even Carlos Rivera writes her a letter.

The singer Cynthia Rodriguez She wears a colorful blazer outfit with short shorts that reveal her slender legs.

famous”Host of Venga la Alegría“,” Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz, captured in three postcards she posted from her official Instagram account, which she attached with a brief description.

smile with me. See @modayaccesoriosriojas, read in the post shared a day ago.

Cynthia Rodriguez in a colorful short dress that makes her fall in love. Photo: Instagram capture

The “best clothes‘, who has amassed 3.6 million subscribers on Instagram, crafted all his charm into a few snapshots that left even Carlos Rivera, who hung with two emojis with a tiny face and a red heart, speechless.

The “Academy graduate“Cynthia Deanera Rodriguez Ruiz, seen at various angles from a seat in an aisle outside Ajusco Productions,”CoahuilanHe captivated all of his fans who devoted some other reactions.

Fans, who also expressed serious concern about a small scratch that could be seen on one of their knees, as a result of a possible mishap.”TV actress“.

“My knee is worthy of a warrior, what happened to your knee? We love that you are #chicariojas, no video? How was the fall! My beautiful princess, Heeeeycynoficial, how’s your knee? I hope you’re all right, Cyn, your knees are small, you have to take care of yourself”

Some users have pointed out that the “A Whole Show” presenter often stars in the events that brought her to life.

That Cynthia always drops those barbarians, follower comment.

The so-called “spanking princessParticipating in the new “Kings of Playback” competition, sponsored by the morning broadcast, she showed off her slim legs in gold sneakers.

37-year-old Deanira Ruiz, born on May 8, 1984, impressed the audience with several of her appearances in the new reality show.

Rodriguez Ruiz, who also has a career in television by acting in soap operas and series that include titles such as “Educating a Nina”, “Woman Bought” and “A Heart Open”.

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