DACO fines Zara store for labeling issues

DACO fines Zara store for labeling issues

During today’s tour presented Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), as part of the inspection work on Black Friday, it was reported that The only trade fined was the clothing and accessories store Zara, employment Plaza Las Americas.

DACO’s Secretary of State, Aidan Rivera, said thatThe fine was due to a problem tagging an article. The official explained that this is not the first time that the Spanish chain has received sanctions from DACO.

So far this week the official said that About 35 total fines were issued, Specifically for companies that included a false warning about “rain checks” on shoppers. These indicated that Rainchek would not be honored for some of the special sale items.

“Obviously this violates our regulations. He noted that we have issued fines, corrected shoppers and issued explanatory notes.

Fines issued by DACO range from $600 to $5,000, depending on the severity of the violation.

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Instead, Rivera said yesterday that they focus not so much on issuing fines, but rather on resolving consumer complaints.

Today, the agency deployed about 70 inspectors in separate areas of the island to carry out inspections.

It was a tense day, but everything was in order. said the president of DACO in an interview with El Nuevo Día.

“(Today) there were certain situations in which we had to intervene where some items were not available because they sold out too early in the morning. In those cases we intervened in corporate governance and they were willing to honor the special (“Raincheck”), he said.

He noted that some companies started the specials several weeks ago, while the boom in Internet sales continues, they were implemented unanimously after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Rivera believes that early bird sales Fridays “will continue into the future and will be an important date for trade in Puerto Rico,” but it will be “different.”

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