Dani Alves to Club América: The photo that impresses Santiago Solari with his founding

Dani Alves to Club América: The photo that impresses Santiago Solari with his founding

Dani Alves impressed Santiago Solari with this photo.

Dani Alves was released about two weeks ago from Sao Paulo in Brazil after a tense situation, in which he owed ten months’ salary.

For this reason, the historic Brazilian full-back has been dismissed and is looking for a club to continue his professional career, with the ambition of reaching the Qatar World Cup 2022 in good shape.

In this sense, a lot of Alves have been linked with Mexican club America due to statements made by the player himself and the club’s interest in his appointment.

And rumors arose when Danny sent a direct message to Mexico fans, that he loved the country.

But the fact is that before the public waited for Santiago Baños to make an official offer for him, Alves published a news item during the week, in which he revealed that he is still in Sao Paulo and has not arranged his contract with any club. .

And not only that, but last night he showed himself in Brazil taking pictures during the week and far from the football world, not at all close to Club América.

Last night was no exception, showing more photos of another production, and putting more effort into his side as a football model.

But when everything seemed to indicate that Alves was leaving football, he sent a photo that shocked and gave hope to Club America a few moments ago, posing with the boots he’s used throughout his career.

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But the fact is that Alves decided to abandon these rumors and showed himself in the Brazil shirt, where he is still called.

It is undoubtedly a sign that he is looking for a club and Santiago Solari’s team should take the opportunity to include him if they want it so much. Will you make it to Club America?

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