Daniel Ricciardo disgusted with Formula One over ‘Hollywood’ coverage of CrossGene F1 crash

Daniel Ricciardo exploded Sunday with “Hollywood” information about the fiery Bahrain Grand Prix crash of Romain Grosjean, and said he was disgusted. Formula One Shows endless restarts while waiting for drivers to restart the race.

Crosszine is lucky to have survived as Haas’ car went through metal barriers and split in two and exploded into flames.

“I was disgusted, disappointed, and re-broadcast the fire again and again, and his car split in half,” Renault Ricciardo said. “Then, that’s not enough, they go to his board.

“Why should we see this? We compete again in an hour. His family must be taking care of it. All of our families should be watching it … this is really unfair. This is not entertainment. ”

Ricciardo said Formula One, whose business rights are owned by US-based Liberty Media, was lucky not to be dealing with a very different story.

“To make it look like it came from Hollywood, it’s not cool. Choose to do it tomorrow, but not today,” the Australian driver said.

A Formula One spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Valteri Botas of Mercedes has admitted that reprints will be disconnected.

“I feel like people, the audience wants to see it. But there is a limit, ”Finn said. “It could have been a different one. Shunt, there would have been no way he could have gotten out of the car.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolf said the images are intimidating, but “if you are not explicit as an organization, you take the risk that someone else will show you things beyond your control.”

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After the crash on the first lap, the race at Zakir was stopped and delayed by an hour and 20 minutes, with track workers having to remove the metal barrier and replace it.

Haas said Crosgen was hospitalized overnight with burns on the back of his hands.

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