Danilo says that if Gonzalo is the president of the republic, he will not be in charge of the DPL

Danilo says that if Gonzalo is the president of the republic, he will not be in charge of the DPL

Upon assuming the position of the new president of the Dominican Liberation Party, former President Danilo Medina said that he was not counting on that organization would lose power and that if Gonzalo Castillo was elected president, he would not assume that position.

He explained that this organization needs everyone’s support and that responsibilities must be taken for the work that they will do in the party over the next few years. My colleagues have relied on me for future electoral victories.

Medina cited the PLD’s contribution to “building the new Dominican Republic”, including reducing poverty and illiteracy, building classrooms, hospitals, and more. “The PLD has changed the Dominican Republic in its exercise of power and many people expect it …”

On assuming the presidency of the party founded by Professor Juan Bush and after an electoral defeat, after spending 8 years ruling the country, Medina praised the work of Timistocles Montas, as interim president, and the work of Reynaldo Parade Perez, who appointed him Secretary-General. Advitan and other PLD leaders.

Concerning the selection of the new Secretary-General for the position they aspire to Robin Bishara, Andres Navarro and Charles Mariotti, The new president of the PLD said that “these processes win and get lost” and that in politics, business is never wasted, it is piling up for the second time, even the third time.

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