Dave Grohl says he reads lips because of his poor hearing

Dave Grohl says he reads lips because of his poor hearing

(CNN) – The pandemic has made life more difficult for Dave Grohl in a surprising way.

In a recent appearance dated The Howard Stern ShowThe fu fighter leader He shared that his years as a rock musician affected his hearing.

Grohl said he could hear music on stage and in the studio, but if he was sitting next to someone having dinner in a crowded restaurant, he said he wouldn’t be able to understand a word.

He said the use of masks due to the pandemic has also hampered his ability to understand what people are saying.

Grohl shared, “I’ve been lip reading for 20 years.”

Grohl said he hasn’t had his hearing tested in a while because he thinks he knows what the diagnosis will be.
He said, “I know what they’re going to say: You have… more hearing damage, tinnitus, in your left ear, more than in your right.” “My left ear is a little worse than my right ear because my snare drum and stage monitor [están en ese lado] When I play the drums.

Tinnitus can cause ringing in the ears and last September he spoke to the BBC about his experience with it.

“Oh, my God, for the past 30 years,” Grohl said after getting tinnitus. “When I turn off the lights at night, it’s like ‘Eeeeeeeeeeeee’.

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