David Fittelson denounces the “robbery” in America’s prison against Pumas | Video

David Fittelson denounces the “robbery” in America’s prison against Pumas |  Video

Aztec Stadium /

Controversy was present at the Azteca Stadium, because in the quarter-finals a duel of the 2021 Apertura of the MX League between America And Pumas marked “Controversial ‘criminal’ Which put the eagles in the foreground.

The action happened at the 8th minute when Arturo Ortiz lost the ball with Roger MartinezWho entered the Pumas area and when feeling contact with him Bloom Lyra He went straight to the ground.

wheezing Marco Antonio Ortiz Navva He did not hesitate and decided to score the penalty without the VAR modifying its decision. Emmanuel Aguilera Take the ball and cheat Alfredo Talavera To put the eagles in front.

This sparked criticism from the caller David Fittelson, which he did not hesitate to identify as “robot‘Signing judgment.’

Just in case America’s “official television” repeats the punishment a little. You have to “cover” the theft.An ESPN journalist wrote on his Twitter account.

But that was not all, because minutes later he sent another scathing tweet, confirming that more thanExcellenceThe confrontation between the capital wasPresent‘Affiliate’ Ortiz cat.

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