Deaths, Emergencies and News

Deaths, Emergencies and News

Peru president to establish ‘crisis management’ committee amid protests

Peru’s new president, Tina Polwarte, announced Tuesday that the government will set up a crisis management committee as protests continue across the country.

The group will be chaired by Pedro Angulo, president of Peru’s Council of Ministers, and will include other representatives, including the heads of the defense, transport, interior and communications ministries, the president announced on Twitter on Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, former President Pedro Castillo denied conspiracy and rebellion charges, following his impeachment trial and arrest on December 7 after he announced plans to dissolve Congress and install an emergency government.

In a handwritten letter posted on his Twitter account, Castillo called on his supporters to meet him at the Lima detention center where he is being held on Wednesday. He asked his supporters to meet him outside downtown at 1:42 p.m. Miami time.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department rejected Castillo’s appeal against detention.

The prosecutor’s office can request an extension of detention, which, if approved, could keep Castillo in prison for up to 36 months while he is tried for alleged crimes of sedition and abuse of power.

As of Tuesday night, national highways were blocked by protests in at least 14 regions of the country, Peru’s National Police said in a statement.

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