Deep Sadness: The Painful Moment for Belinda

Deep Sadness: The Painful Moment for Belinda

Belinda Peregrin Schll, commonly known simply as BelindaShe started her acting career at just 10 years old, after she and her family moved from her hometown Madrid to Mexico City at the age of four. But as we all know, a part of us always remains where we lived in, in which case her grandmother is the strongest bond that binds the singer to Madrid.

At the moment, the great power of the actress and singer is concentrated in social networks, she is a huge influencer. The adoptive Mexican has nearly 13 million followers on Instagram. But not only is he on his official account, but thousands of fans around the world have accounts on the same platform in his honor; Indeed, it was these accounts that repeated the great pain that his favorite artist is going through today.


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