Defeated Boavista Portimonense and salvation remained in his hands on the last date; Ellis was a novice – ten

Defeated Boavista Portimonense and salvation remained in his hands on the last date;  Ellis was a novice – ten

The Good view He scored a hard 1-0 win in the PortMonense In the penultimate history of the campaign in Portugal, he left salvation in his hands, relying on himself to achieve the goal of not going second.

Honduran striker Albert Ellis started but did not look at the door. The goal of the match was scored by Jackson Borrozo at the end of the first half to score three points, two points separating them from the red zone in a tight schedule.

is reading. This is the Portuguese League position diagram

Meanwhile, coach Jesualdo did not consider Jorge “El Toro” Bingocchi due to this commitment. This testifies that his days in Porto are numbered, as Olympia will welcome him again from now on at the end of May.

“La Panterita” plays an important role in the club and many European teams have focused on it. The PortoOne of the greats of Portuguese football is the one who wants to get rid of it and can live his last days as “Pantera”.

Boavista needs to win to validate their class redemption, although that will depend on the outcome Farince And Río Ave. Because if they lose their obligations, they can even bear the loss.

Whoever relegated athletically, or at least will qualify for non-relegation, is Madeira Nacional from Brian Roches. Play on Sunday but only have 25 points, six points clear of the non-relegation replay zone, which condemned them. But in order to catch up with these rivals, he needs a difference of 12 goals scored in two matches.

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That team collapsed at the end of the season, and Roches, who had scored six goals, had to be taken to the bench. Now only Elis and Bingucci remains with the free track to continue the first track, or at least Boavista remains in the extreme circle.

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