deGrom will lose the opening day

deGrom will lose the opening day

Scottsdale, Aris – The New York Mets will be without one of the most dominant pitchers at the start of the season.

Jacob Digrom will miss significant time with swelling in the shoulder area. The disease is a severe blow to a team that has invested heavily in trying to go far this season.

“He’s disappointed. We are. We all share the disappointment for now. No one is getting rid of it,” said Mets general manager Billy Effler.

The New York Ace can’t even pitch for four weeks. The club admitted on Friday that he did not even have a schedule for his return.

An MRI taken the previous day showed that the scapula was reacting to excessive tension, causing inflammation.

Dicrom, a two-time Sai Young Award winner, is scheduled to start the season’s opening game in Washington on Thursday. After signing three-time Sy Young Young winner Max Scherzer and trading Chris Posit, the Mets considered their spin this season to be their strength.

“The good news here is that there is no structural injury, no rotation or anything like that. We are dealing with a bone problem and when it does occur, there is calcification. Redemption will manifest itself, so I think we can talk about it positively, ”Epler said.

His last start was against Milwaukee on July 7.

The right-handed player appeared healthy at camp this year and allowed one run in five innings in the Grapefruit League, scoring 10 runs.

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