Denis Novoa makes an announcement that many have expected توقع

Denis Novoa makes an announcement that many have expected توقع


Denis Novoa makes an announcement that many have expected توقع

Dennis “Tiger” NovoaHe did not steal the hearts and emotions of thousands of viewers who are eagerly watching the competition المنافسة EXATLON United States, from which she was excluded two months ago, but has also become an influencer with her messages on social networks.

And this time, the former Telemundo reality show participant, used her Instagram account to announce what many have been waiting for.

The Mexican athlete, who is very active in her social networks, decided to reveal to her fans some key tips for success

Miami-based Veracruz opened her heart and stated that although sometimes things don’t look rosy, there is a golden rule that makes all the difference.

“It is important to know that not every day/week you will feel or see 100%, but the important thing is to have the discipline so that you continue to contribute on these days to achieve your goal..” Whether it’s exercise, business, etc.,” the Mexican athlete commented, echoing how discipline is indispensable to any achievement.

In her personal reveal, Denis Novoa emphasized that it is precisely the most difficult moments that determine the path to success, emphasizing that to stay healthy, it is necessary to pamper the body with a good rest.

“These are the days that make all the difference. And the most important thing… listen to your body and rest… your eight hours of sleep believe it or not… is the most important thing 🙌🏼🤍,” added the reality TV star. #Pantera #Miami #BigthingsComing #Dibelin #MadenMexico.

After his statement in the networks about the attitude to maintain in the midst of adversity, fans of Denis not only appreciated the good advice, but also agreed that discipline is noticeable in everything that Pantera does, even in the way it looks.

Some of the messages were ‘Very true but those phrases are always 100% friend’, ‘Always give back and give the best’, ‘So beautiful, words full of wisdom and a lot of love’ and ‘Overcoming New Frontiers’ which many fans have interacted with athlete.

Other loyal fans of Denise commented “Always discipline”, “Always prepared and full of attitude ✴️✴️” and “What good advice”.

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