Denmark celebrates Frederick's proclamation: greeting the new king and a passionate kiss

Denmark celebrates Frederick's proclamation: greeting the new king and a passionate kiss
Kiss of the Kings of Denmark (Reuters)

January 14 is a historic day in Denmark Abdication of Margaret II After 52 years As queen and announcing her successor, her son Frederick. Since early morning, a large crowd has gathered around the place Christiansborg CastleThe ceremony was held, so that they could be close to the British royal family on this special day.

Twenty minutes before the start of the event, scheduled for two o'clock in the afternoon, the Crown Prince and Prince Christian left the palace of Frederick VIII, in Amalienborg, in the direction of the castle. Travel with them Princess MaryThe new queen for the occasion He wore white clothes, Just as Queen Letizia did on the day of Felipe VI's coronation. It can be seen from the car that he is wearing a coat designed by Danish designer Søren Lo Schmidt.

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Prince Frederick upon his arrival at Christiansborg Castle where he was crowned. (Ritzau Scanpix/Nikolaj Lorenzen via Reuters)

For her part, the Queen crossed the distance separating the Palace of Christian IX from the castle in what is known as Golden wedding carriage He is accompanied by the Guards Hussar Regiment. Through the windows of his car, part of his clothes can be seen, consisting of a fur coat, a simple updo and some Diamond and ruby ​​earrings.

Already inside Christiansborg Castle – a historic area that was the residence of the royal family until 1794 and which currently serves as the seat of the parliament, judicial and executive powers – they all arrived at State CouncilThe event is held behind closed doors.

Frederick of Denmark with his mother and son, during the signing at the Council of State. (Knowledge 1)

Just after 2:15 p.m., Margaret signed her abdication, immediately making her son the new king of the Nordic country, where he would rule under the name Frederick X. However, the official move-in will not take place until 3:00 p.m.

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Once the signing was completed, the new royal family, accompanied by Margaret, headed to Christian IX's palace, Amalienborg. Out of curiosity, the former queen He did not make the transfer trip Not to be the sovereignty of Denmark.

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King Frederick and Mary held a reception at Christiansborg Palace, the first as kings. Various personalities attended, such as the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen; Søren Gad, Speaker of the Danish Parliament; Bishop of the Diocese of Copenhagen, Peter Skov Jacobsen; Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Axel Wilhelmsson Johansson.

At the appointed time, at three o'clock in the afternoonThe new king went out to the balcony of Christiansborg Castle with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to greet the citizens gathered there. The policy officially identified Frederick X as sovereign, Clearly excitedHe gave a speech to which the attendees applauded and cheered. After that, his wife and children joined him to thank the audience, which celebrated his presence for several minutes.

King Frederik /Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay)

According to tradition, three rounds of 27 Greetings from Sixtus' Battery at HolmenCopenhagen to celebrate the new king, and immediately afterwards, his banner was raised, officially marking the beginning of a new royal era.

The Danish royal family salutes after the proclamation of Frederick X.

Such was the audience's expectation that Federico X and his family came out to the balcony twice to say hello. Although everyone was happy and excited, Princess Josephine stood out He made different faces While in front of the audience. Unaware of this, Federico and Mary couldn't be happier, and they gave of themselves to prove it Kiss in public Which could have been for a newly married couple, in fact, who could have taken into consideration their wardrobe choice.

Frederick and Mary of Denmark kiss after the king's announcement. (Reuters/Wolfgang Rattay)

With this display of love, they are not only celebrating a new phase, but… Leave all the rumors behind The matter called into question their relationship, which arose after the publication of some photographs of the current King Frederick Genoveva Casanova.

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