Descemer Bueno is already an American citizen, it took 20 years!

Descemer Bueno is already an American citizen, it took 20 years!

Descemer Bueno acquired US citizenship (Photo: Descemer Bueno-Facebook)

Cuban singer-songwriter Decimir Bueno, who has spent more than 20 years in the United States intermittently, has received his certification as an American citizen.

The Cuban artist shared the photo of the moment on his social networks, and thanked the United States for the opportunity: Countless blessings and thanks to the United States of America. This is what I want for all Cubans who have suffered 62 years of revolution. “

In the Facebook post, he took the opportunity to attack the communist authorities in Cuba.

“We are the only country on this planet that has suffered from robbery, anger and racism for more than half a century. Every Cuban deserves a break, as it means to be able to vote for a president every 4 years, to have freedom of expression and not to fear repression and disappearance.”

According to Desmer, his struggle against tyranny and for the freedom of the Cuban people will continue to stop the suffering of Cuban families: “I will not stop fighting until every Cuban can set foot on Libertad and have a family that does not. It must be broken.”

I will continue my fight until the dictatorship dies. We all come to this land, fleeing oppression or hunger, and seek a dream. Thank you, “he concluded.

#libertadyamen Blessings and endless thanksgiving of the United States of America.
This is what I want for all Cubans who have suffered 62 …

Posted before Descemer good at Wednesday 26 May 2021

An exam to obtain US citizenship

Since last December, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated the new version of the civics test that will apply to people who are applying for US citizenship.

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The update aims to continue the exam as a comprehensive tool for assessing applicants on historical facts, governance issues, and civic values ​​in that country.

Previously, it was a list of 100 questions, of which a USCIS officer asked 10 of them to the applicant, who was required to correctly answer at least six of them.

Now, those interested will have to study 128 questions and answer well 12 of the 20 questions that the officer will ask.

Cubans who recently acquired citizenship

The Cuban singer Eileen RaymondShe, who is currently based in Miami, acquired US citizenship on April 23, which is happy news that she has shared with her more than 44,000 followers on Instagram.

For his part, Cuban influencer Michelto Dando Chuchu, who has become one of the most popular personalities on social media, said: He also obtained the document proving that he is an American.

Through his networks, the charismatic young man celebrated this personal achievement that he wanted to share with his loyal followers.

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