Desimer Bueno threatens to sue his colleague Patria e Veda

Desimer Bueno threatens to sue his colleague Patria e Veda

Cuban singer Desimer Bueno has threatened in his social networks a lawsuit against his comrades from ‘Patria y Vida’, Yotuel Romero, Randy Malcom and Alexander Delgado, due to their personal conflict with Alexander OttolaWith whom she is facing a legal dispute in Florida. The artist threatened through his Facebook account that legal action would be taken because, as he put it, “they exclude him from the greatest possible media exposure.”

According to Descemer Bueno, his colleagues from Patria y Vida, allegedly “thanking” them with Alex Otaola, would have caused “irreparable damage” to his “reputation” resulting in the said character being ridiculed. Entertainment. “

“It is very simple if the gentlemen did not understand. My reputation and the mockery of the said character, I would have no choice but to file a lawsuit against him,” the post says.

Descemer Bueno post accompanies WhatsApp photos where, according to what he reads in his log, Randy Malcom shared the percentages of the royalties he allocated 15 percent to each translator, excluding Rapper Mikel Osorbu and Funki, Who would receive 5 percent of the proceeds from the issue. Two days after receiving the information, he sent it to Mikel Osorbu, according to himself. Before revealing these talks, Ottola provided the program with a document showing the percentages divided into 12.5, whose only missing signature was that of “Mr.” Bueno.

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Desimer Bueno said, “I declared them because for me they were simply as disrespectful as the attribution they took without any right to disqualify me.” But he previously admitted that he was the one who left the WhatsApp chat where they coordinated everything related to the matter, and did not feel the support of his colleagues in the situation with Otaola.

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Document provided by Alex Otaola on his Patria y Vida / Video capture program on dividend distribution

Desimmer Bueno’s annoyance with his Patria y Vida buddies came after Yotwell Romero refused to get involved in the legal wrangling between the Cuban singer and the Hola driver! OTA first. “Brother, what does this have to do with the country and life?” Romero asked during Exchange words with Descemer Bueno during Adrián Fernández’s YouTube show.

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Presenter Alex Otaula He criticized that Desmer Bueno wanted to use the topic of homeland and life to resolve a legal dispute that began long ago, In response to a defamation lawsuit over the artist’s comments against the influencer. However, this did not prevent the program, which travels through Cubans around the world, from widely spreading the musical theme that has turned into a combat anthem.

Even Yotuel Romero insisted that a large part of the song’s success was also due to the accompaniment provided by Webshow, which, according to him, the most famous poetry is exactly that which Descemer performs.

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