Details and hot curiosity for Altair Grappeau’s wedding in Paris

Details and hot curiosity for Altair Grappeau’s wedding in Paris

They didn’t have a monopoly on flashes, but social networks did. Grabo altar Her husband, now a French businessman, Frederic GarciaFinally, they said yes. They were married in Paris, in a very intimate wedding, unlike other weddings of the performers, the heroes were responsible for keeping him somewhat distant, at least during the ceremony.

can they meet Exciting and intriguing details of Altair Grappeau’s wedding in Paris, that’s exactly co-actress Instagram With different postcards showing how it was the same already announced at the beginning of May.

Frederic Garcia is 20 years older than herHowever, when Garabo announced his commitment, he said, “She inspires me, cares for me, and makes me the happiest woman. He knows it because I tell him every day: I love him and I want to see him full and full of dreams all my life.”

Along with a photo of her dressed as a bride and raising her flower bouquet, the actress wrote: “Today at an intimate party in the center of Paris, Frederic Garcia and I said to each other: OUI!!!”.


It should be noted that a story has also been uploaded where you can see it Facade of the city hall in the 3rd district of Paris, the place where he got married and select it It was a civil wedding.

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Regarding Her dress, the bird mentioned that she prefers romantic design: “I’ve always wanted a feminine, memorable dress, but not too cheesy, the truth is I don’t like faralao or garigolis very much, so it wouldn’t be a cheesy dress, which I regret it wouldn’t be Mexican” They don’t have a symbolic wedding planned in Mexico. However, at first they considered it so. She was asked for a moment about the honeymoon, but the actress replied that she preferred comfort: “Since I met Frederic we have taken four long and free trips, then, just this wedding theme …”

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The actress noticed that His dream was that all his loved ones were there and that’s how it wasShe traveled to Paris to accompany her in this new phase of her life. It was very clear to everyone to understand the reason for such an intimate wedding:

“On your wedding day, there must be the people who love you the most, who you love the most, and ultimately those who laugh with you if something goes wrong. Of course you want to treat yourself with great pleasure and generosity, and have the best of all.”

Have you ever imagined that this would be Altair Grappeau’s wedding in Paris? Very intimate and luxurious. Look at those!

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