“Díaz-Canel singao” creeps into the comments of the official Cuban press

“Díaz-Canel singao” creeps into the comments of the official Cuban press

Kobe sneaked into the official portal Cubadepati Wholesale “Díaz-Canel Singao”And Which was repeated for a long time in a part of the city, on social networks and on the walls of public places on the island, in a poem in which he apparently paid tribute to the ruler.

A reader of state media, named Ramiro Verdesia, posted his comment in the form of “poetry” in comments on an article about a meeting between Miguel Diaz-Canel and Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

The hidden message has been removed by Cubadepatibut netizens were responsible for immortalizing it and sharing it on social networks.

“What do you think of this poem posted in cubadebatecu dedicated to DiazCanelB?” he asked sarcastically. On Twitter Arapet1.

One user immediately described the poem’s author as a “quit harasser,” but another took it upon himself to explain it It is horizontally configured.

The message is always hidden in these poetic bodies at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end with vertically-readable initials.

In this case, The letter “Díaz-Canel singao” appears vertically from the first letter of each house.

The phrase, which sums up the contempt that a part of the people feel towards the ruler, was used in the 11J anti-government protests on the island.. To use this, dozens of protesters were sentenced to the crime of “disrespect.” It has appeared over and over again in Painted on walls and visible placesSeveral times in Havana. On the same Friday the expression was used in a A hacking operation carried out by Cuban cyber activists against the official website of Guantanamo University.

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