Diego Simeone: A struggling managerial great

Diego Simeone: A struggling managerial great

There have been many top managers emerging from South America, which is not all surprising with footballing giants such as Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay residing on the continent.

Coaches from the region have brought a range of styles over to Europe, some have brought possession-heavy tactics with others deploying robust systems that are compact and aim to concede a minimal amount of goals.

Diego Simeone’s style of football relates much more to the latter description, with the Argentine’s Atletico de Madrid system set up to disrupt the opposition’s rhythm and tempo as frequently as possible in order to achieve a low-scoring game.

In recent times it has not been the most successful, with Atletico’s UEFA Champions League chance of qualifying taken away by defeats to FC Porto and Bayer Leverkusen. Bets can be placed on this year’s premier club competition using BetMGM promo codes for Ohioans.

BetMGM allows betting on a variety of sports including soccer and will offer a number of bonuses when its sportsbook launches in 2023, as the European competitions will be heading into the knockout stages where Simeone will hope to at least guide his side to a strong Europa League performance.

Toppling La Liga giants

Simeone’s system was originally molded to combat the domestic heavyweights of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. He sought to make the most of set pieces and defend in a deep block structure, with the aim of patiently carving out a crucial counter-attack that could define the eventual result.

The Atletico coach has been criticized by many for his approach, but he has built a legendary status in the Madrid capital and his ship truly set sail in 2013/14 as he pipped his rivals to the La Liga title.

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The fact he got the better of teams that were led by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is indicative of his genius, his remarkable ability to get the peak and more out of his players is one few can claim to be better.

European form

Simeone’s system has also had success in the Champions League and perhaps suggests he could turn around their results in the competition this season.

In 2013/14 and 2015/16 he guided Atletico to the final of the competition, both times they faced Real Madrid where they were unfortunately defeated.

Simeone knocked out European giants such as Chelsea and Bayern Munich, as well as league rivals Barcelona along the two journeys to the final.

In 2021 Simeone added a second La Liga win to his trophy cabinet, this time there was no Messi and Ronaldo to get the better off but the feat was still incredibly impressive after allowing star man Antoine Griezmann to leave for Barcelona – who later rejoined his former side.

The future?

Simeone is enduring a difficult time at Atletico Madrid right now, but if anybody is to be trusted to be given more time to turn fortunes around it is him.

He has revolutionized the modern game and shown that big clubs can be successful with defensive-focused systems, but is now the time to be more forward-thinking?


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