DIM brought a valuable point from Pereira

DIM brought a valuable point from Pereira

Again Luciano appealed to Ponce’s scoring nose, with Hernான்n Ramirez equalizing with a goal in a fight with Powerful Pereira who was the VAR protagonist in Villagas.

Medellin, who went down on the scoreboard after the penalty was allowed, pointed to VAR 30 minutes in the first half — fitting actions, bringing a point from their arrival to Pereira and being classified as one of eight.

The goal of the local team was the work of defender Carlos Ramirez, who was tough and low enough to beat Luis Ernie Vasquez, who showed great play in dedication until that minute.

But the VAR is going to report again, this time showing a red card to central Nicolas Gallo Juan David Mosquera, who hit Brian Lyon with his elbow in the clearance of an aerial ball. It was the 44th minute.

The DIM scores had to be rearranged as one man was low, and coach Julio Comesana sent Juan Guillermo Arpoleda to the field.

In the second half, Luciano Ponce’s entry was crucial for the crowd, which began to create dangerous actions on goal saved by Santiago Castano, who saved the team on several occasions.

DIM went on the attack and Jose Manuel Hernandez – entered the second half – finished from mid-range, but the ball hit the top post of the opponent’s goal, preventing the spectator from celebrating.

But Powerful searched for it and reached the goal after 79 minutes, equalizing the action, to bring a point from the delicious Pereira of victory, due to the difficulties the team encountered during the game.

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At the end of the match, Uruguay coach Julio Comesana highlighted the contribution of Luciano Ponce and the attempt to give Andres Ricard, who returned several days later due to injury.

“Luciano is a goal-scorer, that’s why he’s important to us, and we’m glad he’s back because it strengthens us.

Regarding the rival, the Uruguayan noted that he had done a good job, was respectful, tried to limit the opponent and attack him with the order and speed he had and played better.

Now preparing for the fight against Envicado on the next date for the DIM League, he returns home with the illusion of starting in the South American Cup, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 7 against Guerrero from Paraguay, at Atanasio Girardo.


Ground: Hernan Ramirez Villegas.

Referee: Nicholas Gallo (Caldas).
Assistants: Javier Patiño (Meta) and Arbis Acosta (La Guajira).
Attendance: About 10,000 visitors.

Pereira: Santiago Castano; Gerson Mosquera, Danny Cano, Carlos Ramirez, Daniel Linares, Harlin Suarez, Michel Medina, Jose Cinestra (Henry Rojas, 63 ‘), Kevin Lugo (Alejandro Pietrohitta, 87’), Jon Osorio (Juan Jollo) , 75 ‘).

DT: Alexis Marquez.

Goal: Carlos Ramirez
(31, fine)

Expelled: None.

Image: Carlos Ramirez.

Medellin: Louis Vazquez; Juan David Mosquera, Victor Moreno, Andres Gadavit, German Guttierez; Adrian Arregui, David Loisa, Javier Mendes (Juan Guillermo Arpoleda, 47 ‘), Jean Pineta (Jose Manuel Hernandez, 47’) (Juan Manuel Questa, 85 ‘), Philip Bardo (Andreas Ricard, 56) 56 ‘).

DT: Julio Comasana

Goal: Luciano Bones (79 ‘).

Expelled: Juan David Mosquera (44 ‘)

Image: Luciano Pons.

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