Director Rollin Rosendo clarifies his health

Director Rollin Rosendo clarifies his health

The sauce boat Dominicans living in the United States, Rawlin Rosendaunder observation and evolved, according to doctors Montefiore HospitalWhere it was moved after showing problems the healthThey expected it according to their manager Luis Marti.

The artist’s director thanked the artist’s audience and the media for their interest in the development of the Dominican Sonero, after he was admitted to St. Barnabas Hospital in New York as an emergency room early in the morning. He was going to have a new cardiac catheterizationto correct a third blockage in one of his arteries.

“Today, Saturday, thank God, he has developed satisfactorily, and he is still in intensive care, but as we said yesterday, they managed to stabilize him to continue his operation,” he said in an audio recording shared with Diario Lieber.

He continued, “I provide clarification: Rowlin did not undergo surgery when he presented the emergency clinical picture, but was transferred to the hospital Montefiore, where they have a more specialized area in the cardiac segment; There they are carefully monitored and thank God they have been able to control certain levels to continue the operation.”

He concluded by thanking everyone for following up on the artist he manages. “Thank you to all who keep praying and we will keep you updated; remember that this is pregnant and we will get roulins by God’s will, and we will continue to pray that he will rise from there and be able to carry him with us.”

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