Do not confuse home, life and your personal problems

Do not confuse home, life and your personal problems

Cuban artist Yotwell Romero Asked Descemer good Do not confuse the topic Home and life His personal issues, after he announced Assumed profit sharing From which song He hated Mikel Osorbu and Funki.

Bueno posted on Thursday morning that the interpreters and composers of the song would get 15% of the profits, while Osorbu and Funke would only get 5, something he said he disagreed with.

Mikel was the first to Exiting to show that dividends are distributed in equal partsHe thanked Yuto for his invitation to participate in the “national anthem”.

In a program Youtube Adrián Fernández, Descemer and Yotuel had a confrontation about it, and Yotuel explained that Descemer was out of date with percentages because he left the WhatsApp group in which they touched on these issues and I switched off his phone.

“This song was originally a remix, hence the initial proportions. What happened was you left the WhatsApp group and blocked my phone and this is the reason why you didn’t receive so many messages,” Utwell explained.

Desimer immediately replied, visibly upset, that he had blocked Utwell’s phone to allow presenter Alexander Ottola, with whom the singer-songwriter had had a long-running legal and media battle, to speak about him on his show.

“I blocked your phone because I sent you a series of messages and I didn’t like your answers,” Desimer said, before a surprise reaction. “That’s not how I work, but a project like this cannot be spoiled by Alexander Ottola.” Utwell.

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“But what does Ottola have to do with this? I don’t understand,” he asked.

Desmer replied, “That’s what made me block you.” “I told you that I want you not to allow Oula to use your name to distort my hearing.”

Descemer specifically referred to Telemundo program in which he participated And promote it Home and lifeOttola then laughed that Utwell had sent the singer-songwriter on programs that were not working, he said. In addition, Preciosa’s interpreter said that he went out to fight in the networks with those who criticized Utwil or Gent de Zona.

“I banned you because of that, because you didn’t have the balls to tell Ottola [que parara]”Desmere replied.

Utwell, who could not believe Desimer’s change, made it clear to him that he should not have fought anyone for him because he himself would not do so and asked him not to confuse personal and professional matters: “You mix everything up. What is home. And life has to do with these issues. Personal? “

“I will not tell anyone how to do their program.”Yuto also explained.

“Someone is using your name to distort my hearing,” Desmer repeated. “I wouldn’t have let that. We’re together on the same song.”

Former Orishas member advised Descemer not to continue allowing his personal problems with Otaola to affect his career and talent as a musician.

The confrontation lasted several minutes and the two musicians maintained their positions. Desmer emphasized that he did not want his lineage Home and life Because “I make money from very commercial songs” and that I will donate them entirely to the San Isidro movement.

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Yotuel confirmed that the percentage of Home and life It was equal – 12.5 each – and confirmed Yotuel’s YouTube earnings, with this song making the most, It will be donated to the San Isidro movement.

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