Dodgers signed by Dave Roberts vs. Albert Pujols

Dodgers signed by Dave Roberts vs. Albert Pujols

Los Angeles Dodgers Surprised everyone in the middle M.L.P. This Saturday, May 15, it was announced Signed with Albert Pujols As the new team player for the 2021 MLB season. Most of the reactions to this news were positive, but there was someone who did not like it. We refer to the manager Dave Roberts pointed out that the Dodgers did not agree with the arrival of the Albert Pujols Dodgers.

Dave Roberts held a press conference Saturday night ahead of the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Miami Marlins. In it he could not help but inquire about the news of the day: the signature of Albert Pujols.

However, reporters may not have gotten the response they wanted because Dodgers Hellman said he would not talk about the arrival of senior players on the team he is directing.

But when questioned directly, Roberts showed some dissatisfaction with Albert Pujols’ signing, saying he could “win Pujols in one race right now”.

The signing of Los Angeles Dodgers Albert Pujols has caused some controversy as fans and the media are skeptical about the role the former Anaheim Angels could play in his new team.

Despite his displeasure, Dave Roberts needs to find a way to use the senior player for the rest of the games of the 2021 MLP season, and he will be a situational winner from left-handed pitchers.

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