Dr. Wagner Jr. criticized Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania appearance

Dr. Wagner Jr. criticized Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania appearance

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The appearance of the The bad bunny On WrestleMania It was a success for fans of the American company, although it was not satisfactory Dr. Wagner Jr., Whose appearance in the big event was criticized for WWE.

Evil Galen indicated he believed Don’t believe seeing a Regiton player In stellar positions it is with the Rev. Damien Beat Miz and John Morrison In one of the most exciting battles on April 10.

Unimaginable what happened at WrestlemaniaHe commented that an internationally recognized Regiton player like Bad Bunny would face great stars in combat, with fighters like Andrade or Santos Escobar on the bench, who could take this place. “

Yes good Bad Bunny has already announced he’s leaving the company, His appearance occurred at a time when there were fighters of his standing Andrade S. Callisto, Who were becoming more and more irrelevant to programming, a situation that bothered him the most.

“I do not agree, because it is in the former WrestleMania had athletes Of all the sports, but they were athletes and not Reggaeton players, please, I think WWE is trying to monopolize a lot of things in terms of entertainment. ”

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