Drone with robotic ground crew.

Drone with robotic ground crew.

Photo of the article titled This Kawasaki self-driving helicopter is loaded and unloaded by robots

screenshot: Kawasaki / YouTube

Kawasaki just posted an interesting video showing a prototype of a drone designed for transportation small fee. The intriguing thing about the car isn’t just that it’s self-driving. is that the workers on the ground responsible for inserting or unloading the load are also robots.

he have It makes sense when we consider that approaching a helicopter is a complex and dangerous task for personnel working on the ground. Rather than having a human operator to remove the payload from the drone, the person in charge of this task is a small rumba-like robot whose profile is so low that it would even allow extracting and loading things with the drone’s engines running if it were necessary.

By the way, the cargo helicopter is a modified version of the K-Racer-X1, a fast, helicopter-like unmanned aerial vehicle that replaces the rear rotor with two thrusters mounted on small wings to increase lift and horizontal travel speed.

The K-Racer-X1 is not electric. theCam inside a 1000 cc 200 hp engine based on the motorcycle engine Kawasaki Ninja H2R. It is expected that with this massive addition under the fuselage, the cargo version will not be very fast, but if the gasoline engine allows for good autonomy, the system could be very useful in transportation and logistics.Steka is a small urgent pack that is not too heavy. Kwasaki has not yet detailed all the characteristics of the car or when it will make it available to other companies.[via[vía[عبر[víaNew Atlas]

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