DT temporary or permanent for the rest of 2022? New members of the selection committee present their proposals for the future of Honduras

DT temporary or permanent for the rest of 2022?  New members of the selection committee present their proposals for the future of Honduras


Their reaction was surprising New members of the Honduran selection committee After the Football Association announced the guide who will run the new World Cup operation after two failed attempts for Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022.

Fenafuth officially announced Thursday night jBoard of Directors of the selection body that will decide the course of Boclor whose president will be Javier Atala, accompanied by important directors such as Matteo Ypren, Rafael Vileda, Javier Cruz, Elias Borbara, Rolando Peña, Joel Sandoval, Eduardo Atala and businessman Mario Faraj.

Rollin’vice president of marathon, ElijahPresident of Real Spain, JavierChief Victoria and Joelpresident of Juticalpa and Liga de Ascenso, spoke with ten Announcing their claims now that they are part of the organization, they share that the first decision to be made is to hire a coach who knows the local materials and who, for the most part, considers it to be temporary.

Of course, they already know that for the rest of 2022 the national team activity is virtually non-existent, with only three matches scheduled in June for the League of Nations against Curaçao and Canada on June 3, 6 and 14.

Fenafuth has a budget of $40-50 for a coach, so if he hires a permanent manager, he should spend $250-300,000 (6-8 million lempira) to direct those three games and start learning about local football. .

The call should take place in the last week of this month and immediately start working towards the agreed commitments.

– new members –

in the first part, Rollin’ He considers that in the beginning one has to “absorb what could happen. You have to see some aspects like upcoming competitions, budget for hiring coaching staff and affinity to get there, as well as what is best at the moment, if it is an internship or an end coach, look About the strategic profile, who already knows the job because there is good human material here, but there is no good work from our base, our union.These are the analyzes that must be made to conclude the new coach.

The marathon manager is clear that a final coach must be appointed. Giving someone a temporary nickname is like telling you at work that you will be working for several days. The person appointed must have the full support and backing of the masses.

Sadnes He believes that “the door must be opened for discussion, as to the criteria one can issue and in the end the most helpful decision for football is taken. The first thing is to know how the national teams are managed. The different federations have an organizational scheme where there is not only a DT, but a group of people in order. The technical, in sporting directions and management, to give the strategist more knowledge if he is outside, and if he is local, help him more.The big national team should always work because that ensures that in the absence of Legion, the local players are already working and know what the coach wants and vice versa “.

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Rollin’ He delved into the fact that it is necessary to “agree on the scooters from Monday to Wednesday as we can’t just make pre-competition calls. That way, you make the base when there’s no legion, and there will be advanced work that hasn’t been done in the last laps.”

Elia Barbara He commented: “We must first analyze from the inside what happened, then restructure, support the Chairman of the Authority and the Executive Committee in everything they need to achieve our goals. There is no doubt that things should be done differently, otherwise we will certainly get the same results, but in In this case we owe it to the Committee, and we hope that the decisions of everyone, or the majority, are the right decisions Good for our football. We are in good hands, it is time to support and cooperate in everything we can.

Regarding a temporary or permanent appointment, Barbara says, “We need a business, no matter who is doing it. Whoever it is, they have to provide a comprehensive business plan.”

Joel Sandovalthe president of Juticalpa and Liga de Ascenso, insists that at the local level there are the materials needed for the new national team coach to get out of there: “I consider that he should be temporary with national experience so that the previous process of the national team’s work is not thrown away. I am sure and aware that The best human material is in Honduras, and unfortunately it was not possible to prove it. When we didn’t go to the World Cup, there were training periods. We didn’t see the names available, but everything looks good to me in a good way.”

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Xavier Cruzthe head of Victoria, supports his ideology: “We have to choose a League of Nations coach who is trying to help us in the short term out of this situation. Plus helping to visualize that you can have development in the selections and not just a fire extinguisher. We are in a very short time, which is something He caused huge losses, we must think of something for this fast tournament and give the coach the opportunity to continue later with other small teams.We must have coaches with more ability in the youth to receive the crops we need in the first team.

“In Honduras we have technicians who are capable, and unfortunately the opportunities we have have not given us confidence that our local materials can be an option. Someone in the World Cup was something they could throw in Honduras through operations, not a fugitive,” cross.

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