Due to the loss of subscribers, Netflix is ​​cutting staff

Due to the loss of subscribers, Netflix is ​​cutting staff


The issue of red numbers in Netflix It continues to leave many consequences, as this Tuesday is a “streaming giant” Announced the dismissal of 150 people working for a US-based company due to the economic crisis it is going through.

It should be remembered that during the first quarter of 2022, Netflix announced the existence of a file Losing 200,000 subscribers! when He was thinking of earning just over 2.5 million of people. from the public; For this reason, its shares, which reached a record at the end of last year, fell by as much as 70 percent.

“The slowdown in our revenue growth means that we will also have to reduce our increasing costs as a business. Unfortunately, We are laying off about 150 employees today, most of them in the United States,” the company stated via an email.

budget cut

It must be remembered that a few weeks ago the company had mass layoffs in Publishing and Marketing Departmentsin addition to having canceled series that were budgeted for this year and had to postpone other productions that promised to be the best.

“As we explained earlier, our slowdown in growth means that we also have to stop cost growth as a company. These changes are tailored to the needs of the business and not to the individual performance of each, which makes implementing them particularly difficult.. None of us want to say goodbye to such good fellows. We are working hard to support them during this difficult transition.”

Netflix and advertising model

One of the basic principles that the leaders themselves have communicated is that they will not advertise the platform like other companies, however, recent reports indicate that Ad-free form It could arrive much sooner than expected and this new version could be released At the end of this year.

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