“Dwarf Yankees”, How Gokic Came To L-Ghent Dance & More

“Dwarf Yankees”, How Gokic Came To L-Ghent Dance & More

Facundo Campazzo, Which was a sensation in its debut season NBA With th Denver NuggetsHe took some time to download the change, and through a move made by an Instagram account managed by his contact team (Team Facu), he made table tennis with questions sent to him by his followers. Of course, with one condition: They were not supposed to have anything to do with basketball.

Facu, with a growing fame in Denver. Photo: Isaiah J. Downing / USA TODAY Sports.

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Was there a number from another NBA team that crushed you?

“Yeah, Dwight Howard de Philadelphia 76ers (In the same game where he hit Córdoba Ben Simmons with a bump). On one I wanted to confront him, I hit him and stepped on the line. And when the referee called out, he made a height nod with his hand – indicating that I was a dwarf. I was mad about it, ha. When they point to the low point or when they catch a rebound, they throw that point towards you. “

Campazzo pushed to Simmons.

Campazzo pushed to Simmons.

What caught your attention the most about the Americans?

“They are very nice. It happens to me with the neighbors and I also remember the first day we were here. We went for a ride, and out of nowhere, a woman who was driving her car stopped next to us, and it makes us a sign that we are opening the window: “Be careful and repair it because it has a burnt out light.” Where in the world do they tell you that? I really like their attitude, they are very vigilant. I also see it in Nuggets, with the people who help. You order something and you’ll have it the next day. You want to shoot and you have four pins waiting for you. “

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The story of Nicolas Jock dancing El-Gante

Have you ever put Argentine music in the dressing room?

“In the five months I’ve spent, I will put it on once or twice. And when they were as close as I could have been. Listening to the remix of L-Gante and Bizarrap, I put it into the dressing room and started taking steps with my shoulder. Previously Jockic Kankar had loved it. They liked the rhythm and started dancing with me“.

Campazzo with Nikola Jukic, the great character in the team.  Image: Denver Nuggets Press.

Campazzo with Nikola Jukic, the great character in the team. Image: Denver Nuggets Press.

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What is your best story Nicholas Laprovittola?

“We’ve already told this story many times, but I think the best one was when we slept in Houston. We were in the room together and we were messy, it was all a mess. Actually, this is where it started.” “Sleeping with the Facu” – A section carried by the official YouTube channel of the Chinese club ABB, in which Cordovan introduced other players from the Argentine national team to PyR-. Well, we forgot to set the alarm – the next day we have to go to training – and fell asleep. We went down to the entrance hall, thinking they were waiting for us, and when we got there, we realized that they had left without us. We deserved it well. From that day on, we were never in the room together again. ”

Football retreat from shame

Are you good at any other sport?

“In football, although I can walk in volleyball. What’s more, I was about to join a club. But back to football, it was fine for me until I left. And when I arrived they asked me, ‘What do I do? Do you play for it? Obviously, I told him that as a down payment, this was the only center I knew, ha. But then they saw me two games and they sent me a quick 2. There if I were to meet, I played for my class (’91) and earlier, where it was the biggest. I remember my last game: I came off the bench and they sent me to play as a winger. I didn’t know where to stop and went for a run to some point. When I raise my head, I see the technician make a lot of gestures and yell at me “No Facu, that’s not all. This isn’t it.” And I decided to pull out out of shame.“.

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How do you get along with the language?

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“Well at first I got lost. Let’s see, now I get lost sometimes. But I feel like my hearing has gotten used to me. I try to watch series and movies in English, as well as read some peanuts from time to time. Time. Day after day with my teammates and conversations. With the coach you help me a lot to improve my hearing. I think I am getting a lot better, and even the press officer in Denver is telling me that. But I don’t know if that would be demagoguery or serious in the literal sense of the word, hey. “

This Friday, from 11 pm, he plays against Trail Blazers.  Photo: Isaiah J. Downing / USA TODAY Sports.

This Friday, from 11 pm, he plays against Trail Blazers. Photo: Isaiah J. Downing / USA TODAY Sports.

Network with cocoa and play

Favorite forbidden drink?

“I really like wine, even though it used to be a hard fern before. But I haven’t had it in a long time.”

What are the percentages of Vernet and Coca?

“I was putting a lot of ice on it, even just below the summit. There were 3 or 4 large ice cubes to keep it cool. It was 80/20 or 70/30, so clearly 20 or 30 was Vernet’s. Which liver hinders back? It was very light“.

In what field of life do you advance as well as in basketball?

“The playstation is not.”

Have you played with 2K Facu Campazzo?

“When 2K21 came out, I played a little. But I’m lousy. I see Facu from 2K without power, still lacking a kiln stroke. We will raise the ranking. “

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