Eagles vs. Seahawks Score: D.K. Metcalfe exits PN Philadelphia on Seattle at MNF

Eagles vs. Seahawks Score: D.K.  Metcalfe exits PN Philadelphia on Seattle at MNF

The Philadelphia Eagles defense came to play against the Seahawks in Seattle on Monday night, reaching the bulk of Week 12’s NFC clash evening. D.K. Metcalfe still had a great performance against Darius Slave, however, most importantly, Doug Peterson, Carson Vents and the Eagles’ own offense were once again triggered. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, showed Billy the ball in his hands to help Seattle win 23-17.

Monday’s result marks Seagull’s seven wins against the Eagles, who have yet to beat Seattle since Pete Carroll took over as head coach. It’s holding the Hawks 8-3 above the NFC West and the NFC is easing the Billy 3-7-1 in the East.

Instant trips from the Monday night Seahawks hit can be found here:

Why the Seahawks won

One night after discovering most of a match, D.K. Metcalfe found a way to still dominate, getting Darius Slave’s best on almost every major game opportunity and helping Seattle set up every scoring drive. Great body width finished with 10 catches for 177 yards, but he could still go easily. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson did enough to manage the game out of pocket and took his places efficiently. Maybe even bigger reason for winning Seattle? That defense, which was ranked the worst in the NFL, took advantage of the Eagles’ incompetence to feast on the front in particular, following Carson Vents to keep Philly in balance throughout the night as usual.

Why the Eagles lost

Doug Peterson’s “offense”, with Carson Vents at its center, did not get off the ground. Billy’s “T” was the most inspiring of Monday night’s clash and, frankly, it deserved it Lots more From the other side of the ball. Vents was on target as usual, failing to match the open Downfield look and misfire in the red-zone selection. He also received little help from O-Line, Corps and Trainee staff, who are parallel to the course in 2020. Around, a complete train-wreck, with the exception of a few stumbles, at the offense, where Travis Fulcom was indescribable again, Miles Sanders somehow got eight touches. The Eagles did not miss a single game on Monday; They intensified talks on widespread change in the future.

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Turning point

The Eagles were fourth and 2nd in their 38th. Thirteen minutes left in the fourth quarter. Billy was just eight points behind at the time, and Doug Peterson was on the field for the offense, only to be seen as Carson Vents’ short pass to Richard Rhodes was immediately batted by KJ Wright. Falling earnings did not destroy the Eagles’ chance to control the game, but helped Seattle burn two more precious minutes off the clock in its own scoring series.


Metcolf is a standard physical prank on the football field, and Monday nights are no exception. No play was more impressive than he was sidelined on Slay in the fourth quarter, with a big first straight straight coverage out:

What’s next

While hosting the New York Giants (4-7), the Seahawks (8-3) will return home in the 13th week, and they may or may not return from the QB Daniel Jones injury. Meanwhile, the Eagles (3-7-1) will face an even higher task when visiting the Green Bay Packers (8-3) as they are new from the Bears’ way.

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