Ecuador: Guillermo Laso started his administration with the highest approval rating since the return to democracy

Ecuador: Guillermo Laso started his administration with the highest approval rating since the return to democracy
Banker Guillermo Laso and his wife, Maria de Lourdes Alcivar, celebrate their victory in the second round of the presidential election (Image: REUTERS/Maria Fernanda Landin)

Guillermo Laso, the current president of Ecuador, break the stigma that a bankingAnd the Catholic s reservation He will become president. Moreover, he is now the president who starts his administration with Highest acceptance rate since the South American nation’s return to democracy in 1979.

With elections held in 1978 and at the invitation of the Supreme Council of Government, Ecuador returned to the constitutional channel and overcame the last military dictatorship in its modern history. Since then, the Andean country has been ruled by 14 presidents, 10 of whom were elected and 4 of the constitutional succession.

CEDATOS polls confirm that recently inaugurated President Guillermo Lasso exceeds, so far, The acceptance achieved by Rafael Correa and Jaime Roldos at that time, which was considered the highest in the past forty years.

Rafael Correa was the president of Ecuador who dissolved the legislature, summoned the Constituent Assembly that drafted a new constitution and is now a fugitive from justice From justice to being convicted of a crime organized crime. Korea planted public infrastructure in a large part of the country, which gained him acceptance among the popular sectors.

While that, Jaime Roldos It is the president who remembered to return to democracy Died in a mysterious plane crash in 1981while exercising presidential power. Roldos will be remembered for the international law doctrine from 1980 that bears his name, promoted to favor regional respect human rights At a time marked by the dominance of military dictatorships in the region such as Jorge Rafael Videla in Argentina, Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Manuel Noriega in Panama, or Joao Baptista Figueiredo in Brazil. In domestic politics, it will be mentioned to double the minimum wage of a worker and reduce the working day.

The study conducted by the CEDATOS survey attributes more than 71Percentage approval of new President Guillermo Laso, while attributing Rafael Correa and Jaime Roldos, to each, 68% for the same concept. Other contemporary chiefs, in the same study, provide similar, albeit lower, numbers: Abdallah Bukaram 67%, Jamil Maaad 66%, Lucio Gutierrez 64% But nothing beats Guillermo Laso.

Jaime Roldos won the presidency on the 1979 ballot with 68.5% of the vote. This number will not be repeated, so the president will turn to a democratic return Most voted ruler In his first post. According to the average poll results, the others won the Ecuadorean presidency with an average of 53.6% of the vote. The cases of Sixto Duran Palin, which amounted to 57.3% in 1992, stand out; Abdullah Bukaram, who in 1996 acquired 54.5%; Lucio Gutierrez, who had 56.7% in 2002; and Rafael Correa who in 2006 got 56.7%.

Guillermo Laso, the new president of Ecuador, He won the poll with 52.2% of the vote, just below averageAnd, now, by acceptance, he is already well above the most voted presidents in the country’s recent political history.

Although popular acceptance favors it, The Lasso government faces many challenges that must be faced in order to strengthen its political capital. The most important, because of the current situation, is the successful completion of Vaccination plan Which seeks to immunize nine million Ecuadoreans in 100 days. It is also working to provide job opportunities, as announced in its campaign slogan “Recruitment, recruitment and more recruitment“.

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In addition, Lasso would have to build bridges with the legislature, in order to further his government’s plan. This is because it does not have a good number of legislators.

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