Ecuador: Mexico seeks to expedite the extradition of the former vice president to grant him asylum

Ecuador: Mexico seeks to expedite the extradition of the former vice president to grant him asylum

They reiterate that diplomatic relations remain severed, as they have not had any contact with the Ecuadorian government since the attack on the embassy in Quito.

he Government of Mexico It said on Monday that it was seeking to “accelerate” the extradition of former Vice President of Ecuador (2013-2017) Jorge Glas, who is imprisoned in the South American country and who last week sent a letter seeking help from the President of Mexico. Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“We are conducting all analyzes on how to expedite the delivery of Jorge Glass to us and his safe passage.”Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena said during Lopez Obrador's morning meeting today.

The diplomat reported that the Mexican government was working to release Glass from the Guayaquil prison where he had been held since April 5, when Guayaquil police arrested him. Ecuador He was arrested after a raid in the area Embassy of Mexico in QuitoThe politician has been seeking asylum since December.

“What we do (is) go to different bodies, one of which is the Human Rights Council. We also went, well, we are looking at the Caracas Convention, which is our right to have Jorge Glas handed over to us by a decision of the Human Rights Council.” Safe behavior and we continue to take the necessary steps to do so,” Bárcena said.

He also said that They requested support from third embassiessuch as Switzerland, and the Nunciature, who offered to support, see and visit Glass “And intercede with the authorities to extradite him.” To Mexico.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (secret) Focuses on the trial before the Inter-American Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the assault on the Mexican Embassy in Quito.

He added, “The session will be held on April 30, and we are focusing there based on instructions from the president.” (There are) a lot of legal efforts to win this case before the International Court of Justice, and I must say that they came to us very quickly and gave us a hearing immediately.”

He reiterated that diplomatic relations with Ecuador are still severed, as they have not had any contact with that government since the events occurred.

The dispute between the two began after Police raided the Mexican Embassy on April 5 to arrest former Vice President GlassHe has been sheltering there since December in the face of a corruption operation.

This problem was exacerbated because an Ecuadorian court declared Glass's detention inside the diplomatic headquarters illegal and arbitrary on April 12, even though he was imprisoned because he had not yet served his sentence in the Odebrecht bribery and illicit association case.

On April 15, Glass sent a letter to López Obrador asking for help and confirming that he was “in the worst prison in Ecuador” and on a “hunger strike.”

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