Edmundo Gonzalez had a meeting with Manuel Rosales

Edmundo Gonzalez had a meeting with Manuel Rosales


Democratic Alternative presidential candidate Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia and Governor Manuel Rosales held an expanded working meeting Thursday afternoon. The meeting initially passed between accounts related to mutual paths and then touched on the matter.

They addressed a new campaign blueprint 80 days before the July 28 election. They agreed that Venezuela needed to hold the aforementioned elections peacefully, with clear objectives to relaunch the country, according to the government program unanimously agreed upon in the unitary platform.

In principle, González Urrutia thanked Rosales for his efforts to save the electoral process on March 25 and then make his candidacy available to the unit on April 19. The presidential candidate also thanked the founding president of the National Union of Workers Party for the contribution of the National Union of Workers ticket, which is one of the strongest parties in the country.

National and international public opinion was interested in this meeting, as it appeared from the first hours of the day as one of the expected news. González Urrutia took the opportunity to send, through Rosales, a strong tribute to Zulia, a region with which he had important ties of affection.

One of the most important points on today's agenda is the content of the electoral campaign and the agreement, so that the leaders of the unionist platform parties will begin tours inside the country in the next few hours, taking advantage of the papers from the negotiating table. Democratic Unity (MUD), Movement for Venezuela (MPV), and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT).

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At the end of this first working meeting, González Urrutia and Rosales agreed that the atmosphere of change was indeed undeniable at this point. Subsequent meetings will be announced in due course. With a big hug, the two leaders said goodbye to continuing their careers.

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