Edson Alvarez reveals his ‘anger’ in the TRI locker room in Honduras

Edson Alvarez reveals his ‘anger’ in the TRI locker room in Honduras

The Mexican national team He earned three gold points from his visit to Honduras on the penultimate date of the appraiser in World Cup qualifiers It has a foot and a half in Qatar 2022, Although the presence process is far from what fans and players themselves would expect, he himself admitted Edson Alvarez.

El Machín scored the only goal for TRI on his visit to Honduras And he did not hide his happiness at getting so close to signing a direct ticket to the World Cup, accepting that they have a lot to improve, in addition to that there was intense talk between the two halves of this match, because there was a lot of annoyance due to the goalless draw.

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“I feel happy. Who wouldn’t want to participate in the World Cup? It is clear that the form can always be improved, but it is a feeling of happiness, more than that because I managed to score the goal. Those are three very important points,” EL Mchín said in an interview with TUDN.

Alvarez revealed that in the locker room, the TRI players got into a trap and loudly changed their stance in the second half, managing to ‘take out the social class’ and get the three points that had Mexico as a virtual World Cup qualifier.

“There was an upset in the first half, between all of us, in a good way, because we had to press more, we had to get the result, we were doing well, but it wasn’t enough. All those who come with enough experience to deal with that kind of match are in Their place is for a reason, but I always try to talk to them, to tell them not to lose focus, ”he admitted.

TRI will play El Salvador next Wednesday at Azteca Stadium, which is where TRI has 3 wins and 3 draws in this octagon, so Machín is hoping fans turn to Coloso de Santa rsula and back everything to close it. With a victory it could lead to the TRI ranking in the World Cup draw, if this is combined with other results from other teams in the world.

“Yeah, it’s three points of value that can make us a little bit better, at home, with our family, with our people, and hopefully to conclude with the three points to be a little calmer,” he said.

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