Efron Alvarez reveals surgery on ‘Chuckie’ Lozano after clash between Trinidad and Tobago

Efron Alvarez reveals surgery on ‘Chuckie’ Lozano after clash between Trinidad and Tobago

The galaxy element sent its support behind the wheel of Napoli, who was immediately transferred to hospital

Ephrine Alvarez, A member of the Mexican national team, announced it Comes around Lozano Then the surgery was done He clashed with the Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Introducing the 2021 Gold Cup.

‘Chucky’ was transferred to a hospital near the AT&T Stadium, where, according to the national team, ‘Chucky’ Lozano was conscious and undergoing tests, but the footballer revealed to the media that his partner was in the operating room, but without specifying the procedure.

“Personally, I would like to send all my support (support) to Harving and his family. The truth is, we did not know very well how he left the game and then looked at the photos, but from the reports that reached us I think it’s good, they are operating,” But it’s okay, it’s okay, you have to support it (support it), it’s true, ”he said.

During the match, ‘Chuckie’ was seen bleeding from his left eyebrow but it was not released if he sustained much damage because he collided with the match goalkeeper’s knee when he fell, thus he took a different position.

The footballer left the field in the 20th minute and was taken out on a stretcher with a collar to secure the Napoli organ.

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