Elections in Nicaragua: The Electoral Court disqualified the main opposition party from ruling Ordega

Elections in Nicaragua: The Electoral Court disqualified the main opposition party from ruling Ordega
Leader of the Freedom Party for Citizens (CXL), Kitty Montrey (Photo: EFE)

The Supreme Election Council (CSE) Nicaragua disqualified the party this Friday Citizens for Freedom (CxL, Right) Who led the opposition coalition against the re-election of the president Daniel Ortega In the November 7 election, After revoking its legal status.

CSE ordered “Cancel the legal sovereignty of the political party Ciudanos for La Libertad (CxL).“, Refers to the judgment of the Court, read by the Secretary of the Company, Louis Moon, To the official media.

In the resolution signed by the CSE judges, most of them are related to the verdict Sandinista leadThe court accepted the request of the adversary and the collaborator Constitutional Liberal Party (PLC) to revoke his legal license.

According to Maria Hode Ozuna, PLC Representative, CXL Confirmed ”Continued violations of electoral law“Because”Violated dutiesFrom its chairmanship, Kitty Montreux, Is a dual nationality (US-Nicaraguan).

Faced with this abuse, PLC asked CSE “Declare that all action taken by the CxL party is invalid.” The Electoral Court also revoked the identity card of the CxL leader, in the hands of the ruling party.

According to the CSE, the chairman of the committee “Improper practices were used” Y “This class behaves outside the legal technical conditions and rules for political organizations.”

The Electoral Council has also revoked the legal authority Three political parties, And Parliament, the ruling party has an absolute majority, rIt enacted electoral law, which placed greater control over the electoral structure in favor of the Sandinistas.

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The CSE explained in its explanation that this power of the state was the reason Use legal constitutional rules Activities related to the electoral process and ordering under the relevant law.

In that regard, he argued, the election law establishes that people cannot register as candidates for elected positions. “Ineligible, Restricted or Prohibited” With the Constitution and a series of laws, recently approved by the Sandinistas.

In those laws, the CSE mentioned Foreign Agents Regulatory Act, Y Protection of the People’s Rights for Freedom, Sovereignty and Peace Self-Determination Act.

Article 1 of the Second Amendment points out to the CSE that they cannot register as candidates. “The Nicaraguans, who lead or conspire to conspire to change the constitutional order, promote or encourage acts of terrorism, undermine freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, and provoke interference in domestic affairs.“, Among others.

In the current election process, officials They have arrested more than 30 opposition leaders, including seven presidential loyalists.

President Ordega, a 76-year-old former guerrilla fighter, has completed his fifth five-year term, the fourth in a row and Second with his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, in the November election.

(With AFP, AP and EFE information)

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