Elon Musk mocked Twitter for saying that over 95% of active users are human

Elon Musk mocked Twitter for saying that over 95% of active users are human
Elon Musk and Twitter have been in the midst of controversy for several weeks (Image: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, once again Criticize on TwitterNow they “mock” the number of bots (or fake accounts) and humans in the social network that they intend to buy for $44 million.

Through a survey he posted on his verified profile, the businessman points to the number the platform is defending, which says that Less than 5% of accounts can be handled by software, not people.

Twitter claims that 95% of its daily active users are real and unique human beings. Does anyone have this experience? “

He put two options as the answers: in the first, there are two laughing emojis, and in the second there is an emoji of a robot asking “Who, me?!”. Either way he was making fun of Twitter and Shows his suspicions.

(Photo: screenshot)
(Photo: screenshot)

This comes a day after Musk responded to Parag Agrawal, who is still the CEO of Twitter, with a poo emoji. To your topic where stressed that the number Spam profiles Much less than the actual users.

Agrawal’s thread started by stating that to talk about spam on the social network, you had to talk about context, show facts and data. In more than 10 tweets Explain how they work to keep bot profiles in check.

First, he stated that they are aware that “spam is detrimental to real people’s experience, and therefore, It can harm our business’, so it was a great incentive to discover and remove as much spam as possible on a daily basis. “Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply wrong.” to rule.

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I explained it in detail Spam isn’t just binarythat is, human and non-human, since there are campaigns that combine humans and automation, which makes them more complex and difficult to detect.

(Photo: screenshot)
(Photo: screenshot)

He pointed out that “Incredibly dynamic anti-spam” Because the dynamics, goals, and tactics are “continuously evolving” associated with their work strategies, so detection methods themselves never work. “You can’t create a set of rules today and expect them to work tomorrow.”

even so, They suspend more than half a million spam accounts daily, “Usually before you can see it on Twitter.” In addition, Millions of accounts are blocked every week on suspicion of spam. “If they can’t pass human verification tests like captchas or cell phone verification.”

In that sense, he said the Twitter team is constantly making updates to remove as much spam as possible, without suspending real people or adding unnecessary human testing for those using the platform. “None of us want to solve a CAPTCHA every time we use Twitter“.

Elon Musk keeps the Twitter purchase pending (Image: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)
Elon Musk keeps the Twitter purchase pending (Image: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

“Every human review is based on Twitter’s rules that identify spam and platform manipulation, and use public and private data (eg IP address, phone number, geolocation, client/browser signatures, etc.). What does an account do when it’s Active…) Define each account,” Agrawal explained.

According to his internal estimates for the last four months of 2022, after putting the full mode of controlling spam accounts on Twitter into context, the CEO of the platform is still Confirmed that less than 5% of bots.

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Despite the long explanation, Elon Musk responded with his poop emoji and on this day took his survey to show his skepticism.

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