Elon Musk suffers from Asperger syndrome

Elon Musk suffers from Asperger syndrome

Elon MuskOne of the most influential men in the world in recent years, for his companies, innovations and future activities, inside and outside Planet earthSaturday Night Trend, was revealing He suffers from a diseaseWhich little or no one knew about it.

It was during the program Saturday Night LiveThe most watched show in the United States, where the businessman was one of the guests, and there, during his welcome monologue, musk He threw an admission of suffering AspergerMore than a big problem, the attendees laughed.

I’m making history tonight by being the first Asperger to host on ‘SNL“… or at least the first to admit it.”

Which color He continued, speaking of the limitations that he himself had struggled to put aside and focus on the plans he had to improve humanity and the way he lived in Earth.

“I know I’ve said or posted weird things, but that’s just how my brain works. To anyone who offended, I simply want to say: I reinvented electric cars and sent people to Mars in a rocket“.

It is clear that the news has spread all over the world and the CEO of the company Tesla y SpaceXHe has received hundreds of letters of support, likes and thanks on his social media networks, including those of many celebrities.

What is Asperger Syndrome?

to me John Hopkins University, The Asperger’s syndrome It’s kind of Wading It affects the way a person interprets language, communication, and social communication.

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It is characterized by difficulty in social interaction, obsessions, strange speech patterns, lack of facial expression, and other characteristics. They also exhibit obsessive behaviors and exhibit unusual sensitivity to sensory input (for example, they might be disturbed by a light that goes unnoticed).

Other properties Asperger’s syndrome It may include movement delays, idiocy, limited interests, and particular concerns. They find it difficult to show empathy for others.

In general, people who suffer from it can function normally in daily life, but they have a tendency to do so Social immaturityThey get on with adults better than they bond with their peers, and others may consider them strange or cranky.

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