Evacuations from Kabul have been suspended due to overcrowding at the US base in Qatar

Evacuations from Kabul have been suspended due to overcrowding at the US base in Qatar

Washington, United States

military authorities United State He confirmed the suspension of flights with civilians from Afghanistan for several hours today, Friday, due to the saturation of a US air base with it Qatar Where the evacuees are directed in the first place.

flights from Acceptance They were held off work for nearly seven hours, after thousands of Afghans already brought to the US base in Qatar The general said they overloaded themselves Hank Taylor, From the US General Staff.

Taylor told reporters that the suspension of flights “occurred early this morning and lasted between six and seven hours.”

But he indicated that the matter has been resolved. Flights have resumed, and US military planes are headed Qatar Others are going off, while others are heading to Kabul as I speak to you.”

Reception places in Qatar “They were simply at their maximum,” the Defense Ministry spokesman said. John Kirby.

In your search for new destinations, United State I got the green light from Berlin So that some of the evacuees are transferred to Germany, where there are many military bases in North America.

“We thank our allies who have cooperated with us in this global effort, including Germany, where flights will land today,” he said. Taylor.

A senior official with the military commander in charge of air transport had earlier admitted that there had been no departure from Kabul “for a long time” due to the saturation of air bases in the area, poorly equipped to receive thousands of refugees.

The county administration It has been criticized for its bureaucratic management of the crisis, while thousands of elderly people and children wait for days in precarious conditions to receive documents that would allow them to leave these brokers’ bases and go to the United States.

Evacuation of Afghans to Qatar She reported that hundreds of people slept on the floor in aircraft hangars for more than three consecutive nights, in sweltering heat and with limited access to toilets and showers.

The vicinity of the airport in the Afghan capital is witnessing chaos, as thousands have tried since Monday to flee the country after the Taliban came to power, accused of limiting access to the air base.

President Joe Biden said on Friday soldiers from United State They boarded briefly outside the airport perimeter to help 160 Americans in, which could raise the risk of conflict with the Taliban.

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