Evelyn Beltran: How did she react to Tony Costa’s comments about Adamari Lopez | US Celebrity nnda nnlt | Fame

Evelyn Beltran: How did she react to Tony Costa’s comments about Adamari Lopez |  US Celebrity nnda nnlt |  Fame

Ago Join the second season ofIt sparked a lot of discussion in the media and social networks. Most of the topics that sparked interest had nothing to do with his performance on the reality show, but the confessions he made about his personal life outside of the show, which include his girlfriend. And to Adamari Lopez.

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And recently, the Spanish dancer revealed to his partners and the audience several details about his relationship with the mother of his daughter, Adamari Lopez. She is a famous Puerto Rican actress and host of “Hoy Día”.

Once, he said that he received before entering a reality show From some followers of his ex-partner, who assured that they would do everything possible until he was eliminated. On another occasion, he wished Admary a happy birthday and best wishes.

Given these statements, some members of the committee expressed their frequent appearance in the tales of the 38-year-old Spaniard.

I’ve been glued to that 24/7 and Tony Costa talks more about Adamari Lopez than he talks about his girlfriendAlex Asby confirmed last Tuesday on her show.“.

Her partner, Gisele Blondette, agreed, saying:You are already on top of the crownHe uses Adamari as a topic for conversation. Others have even commented that he still seems to love the actress.

These statements caught the attention of Tony Costa’s current girlfriend, who spoke about her.

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Evelyn Beltran’s reaction

Model and influencer Tony Costa has supported her since entering “The House of Celebrities 2” and invited her followers to vote for her to stay on the reality show. Given how much she loved and how secure their relationship was, Evelyn did not frighten the comments of the members of the committee.

I don’t want you to mention my name to know how much you love me. Our signs make me fall in love,” he wrote in a story on his Instagram account.

Without a doubt, Tony Costa has a girlfriend who trusts him a lot and defends him from other people’s comments.

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The memories they had together

In addition to the support she showed, in the early hours of May 29, she shared through the same medium that she found a very pleasant memory that made her miss her boyfriend.

Have you ever found a video on your phone that your partner accidentally recorded for you? And you didn’t see him until months later? “He wrote about a picture he showed on his cell phone. “Today, as usual, at dawn I started watching videos to remember all the moments I had with Antonio and bat, and I got a video of when I was planning my birthday party, and she says very nice and special things“.

In the same way, he said that when he missed him the most, he was always present and added the hashtag “Your love is so special“yes”twin Spirit“.

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Screenshot (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)

TONI COSTA starts crying

Although the providersThey said at that time that he talked a lot about Adamari, and the fact is that he usually also talks about Evelyn. A few weeks ago she told her comrades how she had conquered her. Also, on March 27, she was the cause of his tears.

When a colleague asked him if he would ask Evelyn to pick him up on his return, the dancer broke down in tears before he could answer, explaining how much he missed her.

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famous house It is one of the reality shows that offers the highest award on Latin TV, so many of the characters hope to win the competition and get 200 thousand dollars.

in their souls Tony Costawho was interviewed before being accepted by the official social networks of the reality show shows that Tony Costa was asked:What will the $200,000 prize be spent on?‘, leaving everyone surprised by his answer. .

What is Evelyn Beltron’s relationship to Tony?

at recent days , The Spaniards joined the new part of “The House of Celebrities”, so the audience could not help but wonder if their courtship would last longer.

Last season, several romances appeared on the reality show, so the possibility of one of the beautiful contestants stealing Tony Costa’s heart is not excluded. However, Evelyn could count on the watchful eye of Peruvian Laura Pozzo, who, once on the show, asked the dancer to be careful not to be unfaithful.

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