Evo Morales increases tension in Bolivia: warns that there will be a “convulsion” if he is not authorized for the 2025 elections

Evo Morales increases tension in Bolivia: warns that there will be a “convulsion” if he is not authorized for the 2025 elections
Evo Morales continues to push to run in the 2025 presidential elections (Europa Press/Contacto/El Comercio)

Evo Morales Be warned In Bolivia, “convulsions” will occur if his candidacy for the presidency is excluded For the 2025 elections, he blamed the government of Luis Arce, with whom he continues to fight despite belonging to the same party.

“If they rule out Evo, there will be a spasm. If you want that, well, that will be the responsibility of the government (…) These are my calculations, and I am honest,” warned the former President of Bolivia (2006-2019) in an interview with the agency. Evie.

He is also the leader of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).I take it “This type of struggle can only be won by mass action.”He said that he heard that various sectors expect “difficulties” if his presidential candidacy is cancelled.

At the end of last year, the Constitutional Court issued a ruling in which it stated that indefinite re-election “is not a human right,” and that it is only applied once, continuously or intermittently.

According to Morales, this should be understood as “An indication that his candidacy may be disqualified.”

The three-time president of Bolivia insisted that he was “legally and constitutionally qualified” to be a candidate, according to consultations he himself conducted with “national and international experts.”

Luis Arce remains in strong disagreement with former President Evo Morales over the leadership of the movement towards socialism (EFE/Javier Mamani)

The Movement for Governing Socialism celebrates its 29th anniversary this Thursday This is the first time that there are two separate celebrations.

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In the city of La Paz, the seat of the government and legislative body, the “Arquista” bloc, which supports President Luis Arce, is celebrating, while today, Saturday, it will be the turn of the “Evista” wing, similar to Evo Morales, in the capital. (Yapakani City, Santa Cruz Province).

Last year, Morales and Arce coincided with the party's founding anniversary in the tropics of Cochabamba, the former president's political stronghold. Where friction occurred between MAS militants.

On that occasion, Morales questioned the management of the former Minister of Economy during his government Ars urged the movement towards socialism not to be afraid of the “pluralism” of ideas.

Morales noted that Arce “made a grave mistake” when he pointed out that “we should not be afraid of a pluralism of ideas” because, in his opinion, this represents an “ideological difference” with the “arquista” sector, since the movement towards socialism is traditionally “anti- for imperialism.”

The former president also questioned that the Ars administration did not fulfill two of the key mandates it had when it came to power in 2020, such as “Trial and imprisonment of coup and genocide plotters” due to the 2019 crisis and “revival of the country’s economy.”

Morales resigned from the presidency in 2019 after he was considered the victim of a “coup” after the disappointing elections that year, amid complaints from the opposition that the elections were rigged in his favor for a fourth consecutive term.

The Movement Toward Socialism is 29 years old and there will be two celebrations: one responding to President Arce, the other to leaders associated with Evo Morales (EFE/Jorge Ábrego)

Janine Anez On November 12, 2019, she assumed interim leadership of the country as second vice president of the Senate, two days after the resignation of Evo Morales and all officials in line for the presidential succession.

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Adding to the division over the anniversary of the MAS is the conflict over the legitimacy of the MAS congress, held last year in the Cochabamba region, in which the party participated. Morales is the “sole candidate” for the 2025 presidential elections.

Pro-government sectors linked to Arce called for another conference next May, after the electoral body decided to hold a new meeting.

Morales insisted that the congress re-elect him as supreme leader of the movement toward socialism met all the requirements and that the Electoral College acted “illegally”, while the call for “archista” is made by those who are “not militants” of that party.

The former president stressed that the movement towards socialism is “united at the grassroots level” and that a few leaders have decided to distance themselves in exchange for the alleged “bribes” offered to them by the government.

(With information from EFE)

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