Exciting things about one pearl bank residence in Singapore

Exciting things about one pearl bank residence in Singapore

The one pearl bank is a recent launch condo for the former iconic Pearl Bank Apartments building by Capitaland (one of Singapore’s most renowned developers). It consists of 774 residential units, built on two curved 39-story towers with community amenities. This project is situated within walking distance of Outram MRT and Chinatown. It overlooks the central business district and even Sentosa, with expected completion in 2023. For some family fun and parties, people can reach Marina Bay, Sentosa or even East Coast Park in a quick drive.

You will find a safe and relaxed lifestyle. The latest launch condos will include a watch house, club-house, indoor gym, pool & sun deck, BBQ areas, outdoor exercise station, playground for children. This new condo will feature a wide range of one pearl bank floor plans. Types of units are separate or units of 1-4 bedrooms so that each different family combination is appropriate. This condo provides the family and loved ones with complete family entertainment needs. Enjoy a calm and exquisite way of life.

Interesting things of one pearl bank:

The concept for One Pearl Bank has been revealed, and it is exciting how much the original. However, there are a few items to remember besides retaining the classic appearance:

  1. Perhaps the estimated price foot at least: The purchase price of land for the gross floor space is a square foot. The high price tag isn’t shocking to us. A quick stroll from Chinatown and the Outram MRT station is one of the Pearl Bank. The CBD is less than 10 minutes away. We expect investment to increase even with ABSD and other cooling measures; the demand for housing in the region is too much to vanish.
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  1. 18 sky gardens with two hundred parcels: 18 vertical allotment gardens are scattered around the two towers (this looks like a tower but is broken into two – look closer). This is the first invention in the world. Per four storeys is one garden, with 11 garden plots. The sky gardens compensate for 200 plots where people can cultivate their vegetables and herbs.


  1. CapitaLand digitally immortalized the original Pearl Bank Apartments: The authentic Pearl Bank Apartment was destroyed, and the architectural symbol was a significant protest. CapitaLand did not forget that: the original has been “stored” in databases through drone video, digital drawings and so on. Soon, through these one pearl bank showflat, the public will visit the inside and outside of the original Pearl Bank.


  1. Restoration of Pearl’s Hill Community Park: Pearl’s Hill City Park is currently most famous for an improvised master of thighs. If you want to head up the hill with an asthma attack, you’ll be greeted with… yeah, there’s a pond with a lot of algae. However, the URA rejuvenates the park. It will eventually be associated with Fort Canning Park and the Singapore River and become a location for families and cultural ties.


Bottom Line

One Pear Bank is located in a picturesque corner specifically for the home. The creation aims to achieve a final luxurious living and create a collection of welcoming spaces with differing viewpoints and stages. Your living room is one pearl bank. This is part of who you are and where you go. Call at +65 61007757 to book an appointment.

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