Experts say the pneumonia outbreak in China could last another two weeks

Experts say the pneumonia outbreak in China could last another two weeks

Beijing, China.

Various health professionals China It predicts an outbreak of respiratory diseases “Known Pathogens” affects that Asian giant In recent times it can last a couple of weeks.

“The top fever It lasts Another week or two, the most affected groups Children And young people, many of them have to meet while going to school. School Or work,” Li Tongzeng, head of the infectious disease department at You’an Hospital in Beijing, told the pro-government Global Times.

Doctors and other experts have pointed out to local media that there has been an increase Respiratory infections Inside China Multiplicity is caused by many factors, including overlap Respiratory diseases“Immunity gap” due to decrease Antibodies against these pathogens, and the impact of infections COVID-19.

The International distribution It resulted in “fewer social interactions and frequent interruptions from school attendance and in-person work,” which “The immune gap” with less Antibodies.

Also, children born during International distribution There was “low exposure”. Pathogens This outbreak, so they are “more vulnerable” Respiratory infections.

On Sunday, the Health Authority China They urged local authorities to increase the number Clinics To treat cases of fever caused by these “known pathogens”.

Commission spokesperson Mi Feng told a press conference, “The increase in acute respiratory infections is related to the simultaneous circulation of several types. PathogensEspecially the flu.”

According to Mi, the outbreak is caused by “known pathogens” such as seasonal flu and rhinovirus, Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Respiratory syncytial virus and adenovirus.

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Representatives of the Chinese Health Commission held a video conference meeting with World Health Organization (WHO) officials last week, in which Chinese officials presented. Monitoring data and detection of pathogenic factors respiratory diseases, as well as ethicsand diagnosis and treatment.

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The announcement came after the WHO asked China Detailed information on the recent increase in cases Respiratory diseases and outbreaks of childhood pneumonia.

The Chinese authorities They had already asked last Thursday to strengthen primary care and coordination between hospitals to deal with the surge in cases Respiratory infections.

According to an official from the Asian giant’s health authority, quoted by the official agencyXinhua, “The agency has issued a series of measures to improve the capacity for diagnosis and treatment Respiratory infections common in community health centers and hospitals”, as well as “facilitating identification and referralSerious cases”. EFE

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