Eza Gonzalez melts the net in a mini bikini for Christmas | Photo

Eza Gonzalez melts the net in a mini bikini for Christmas |  Photo

Eza Gonzalez celebrated Christmas in a different wayInstead of uploading the classic picture in front of the tree, he decided to share it on his social networks A bold image in which she is wearing a mini bikini. In the shot, the actress boasts an amazing figure that has left many of her followers speechless.

The 31-year-old Mexican on vacation On the beach, which is supposed to be Big Major Cay in the BahamasThis is after a very busy year, it must be remembered that I continue my activities as Model and how Hollywood actress In movies like ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’, a movie in which he co-credited with Demian Bashir.

Eza Gonzalez sends a Christmas message in a sexy bikini

Only this week, stylist’s daughter Glinda Rina He uploaded some photos to his Instagram stories that not only got to know where he is in heaven, but he also shared some snaps whereShe wore her bust silhouette in a sexy bikini, and also showed herself swimming with a pig.

On December 23, Isa did not forget to wish them so ‘Merry ChristmasTo his followers on the mentioned social network where he has 7.4 million “followers”. However, she did it as you know him well and gave as a gift a picture in which she is dressed Two piece swimsuit showing off her beautiful body, Which became a topic of conversation in the international press.

Eza Gonzalez wishes a “Happy Birthday” Image: Special

Since the photo is black and white, the color of the dress cannot be seen, however, some moles appear. Similarly, it was observed that On a luxury yacht, He explained that he did not skimp on his well-deserved vacation, after working all this in 2021.

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the hero of the story “baby driverI have been very criticized as many people say He underwent various plastic surgeries Which made him look completely different from when the series aired Lola, once upon a time. For their part, the lovers Eza Gonzalez They defended her with ferocity and nails, assuring that if she had gone through the scalpel, she would have been beautiful.

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