Fans of American T-shirts appear in the popular Marvel comic

Fans of American T-shirts appear in the popular Marvel comic

In the Marvel of the universeEither in the movie series or in CaricatureThere are an endless number of winks or references to popular culture in the world, but few are as bizarre as those that a Spanish boy has discovered in recent days, when he realizes the emergence of a comic book fan. Betis… and another from USA!

Unbelievable as it may sound, the shirt and the shield the Eagles Their place in handing captain America s Falcon, Which dates back to 2016 but has spread in the past few hours in Social media.

In one of the now classic apocalypse scenes marvelAlien invasion unleashes madness on planet Earth and there are, among all the horror of humanity, lovers USA And from Betis Have them Easter egg.

The video has become popular on Twitter and US Facebook groups and forums., Plus already making noise in Spain With Fanatic Betic.

BUT: Why do fans appear in comics?

Include or contain the American And that from Betis This issue is not a coincidence, but rather a tribute to the painter marvelAnd the Carlos Pacheco, I decided to make friends.

The artist also expressed that in an interview with Channel onWhere he explained the reasons for including these characters in the story.

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Football isn’t something I’m passionate about, but I understand betisismo is a very special philosophy And this kind of jokes or winks in the comic world I use a lot. “

Additionally, in Your Twitter accountAnd the Pacheco He also narrated the story of Azulkremma shown in this cast, which is based on a friend of his.

The author of the work assured that many of the surprises in the video are due to the fact that the series Falcon and Winter Soldier, Which is a success in Disney +, Based on that story that he painted himself.

It’s a comic that I did 5-6 years ago and didn’t see that it would make much noise these days. It is true that the Disney series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is based on this comic, is being popularized, as has been reviewed, and it is likely that this boy will come as a surprise. “

In his networks and after the big hype his cartoon made marvelAnd the Carlos Pacheco Give more examples of winks to situations or characters in Popular culture You put in your Caricature, How. Arturo Perez Rivere.

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