FAS fans reacted after Renderos and García split from Santaneco

FAS fans reacted after Renderos and García split from Santaneco

Several fans of the linked team and others demonstrated on social networks before the unexpected discontinuity of footballers Rinderos and Garcia.

Néstor Raúl Renderos and Moisés Xavier García were separated from FAS Sports Club This Thursday. Without statements from either side, crowd voices speculated about “RestructuringIn the Associated Team.

However, there are many criticisms of the decision and many conflicting opinions. The decision was not taken in a good mood and many users have reported it to the Santaneco team on social networks.

Renderos, who has played 14 seasons in the major league, has played for three teams: Alianza, FAS and Metapán, being the white team from which football originated. Raul with nine seasons and a little more than a historical stronghold of tigrillos.

With seven years in FAS, “Xavi” is also another man with a career in FAS, being signed after being the major league champion with Firpo, García knocked out the quarries of extinct San Salvador FC.

Garcia spent a short spell with another team from the now defunct major league, Nejapa FC.

These were some of the reactions we gathered after the FAS statement on Renderos and García, the two pillars of the team for several years:

“Is the problem really going through two players? For me, it is not only the players’ fault, but it is also passing through the coaching staff. If many technicians have already passed but we weren’t that bad, just remind them that against the coalition, it lost it because of zarco’s decisions. ” gameerwalt

“The first ones, let the clean person continue so that none of the corrupt remains and the most important thing is that they will not return,” @ Nipzen

“Well, I hope Kobos never summons these players again to the best U-23 team and that’s it,” @ CHh503

“A very good decision. I’d rather play and endure if so, verg ***** with people who want to play and not with no parasites from the swollen parasites for this soccer ball. Something Renderos is not new, there was already a precedent and for me there are more missing,” Not only is it, and if it is necessary to clean more then it is (good), ”@ Bryan65307854

“Cleaning has begun! Excellent first, club second, club third, the club and the noble fans deserve a winning team! @ Roquemas3

“The truth is that if they are doing wrong things there is no way, it is their turn and what a good thing for the technical staff and the board of directors who today have the courage to do this kind of thing.”

“Well. Past tournaments I used to say the same, they both squandered the goals … they will finally leave!”, @EdmundoE1991

“Zarko says that now that he has seen them all play, locate the wrong place … Please, 5 years in the team and have not seen them play? Someone has a real reason to say why they were fired,” UnTalDitto

“Now respecting Zarko’s process, he showed a great deal of professionalism in the tournament as the players put him to sleep, and held press conferences behind the fans who humiliated him, let’s give him a chance that this is a process and it starts with something, let’s support the team” @ Guille06Sv

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