Fierce battle in El Salado between Cubans who wanted to emigrate and repressive forces

Fierce battle in El Salado between Cubans who wanted to emigrate and repressive forces

a Confrontation Among the dozens of people from the settlement of Spin, near El Salado Beach, in Artemisa, and a group of soldiers, including elements of the police, prevention forces and special forces brigades.Monday came after authorities thwarted an attempt leave the country.

According to locals consulted by DIARIO DE CUBA, Community residents protest and block the Pan American HighwayWhich connects that area of ​​the northwest coast of the island to Havana.

When he arrived at the place repressive deviceSome of the attendees attacked them with stones while uniformed officers made arrests and used dogs to contain them.

In the videos of the place you can see when Some people wrestle with the army and seize tonfa from at least one cop. also A group of soldiers drags a civilian on the ground while a woman hits a suppressor.

According to activist living abroad Albert Fonsi, There are six detainees for those events. Three of them are Rafael Fernandez Estobinian, Edis Jardines Rodriguez and Dylan Fuentes. DIARIO DE CUBA has no confirmation of this information.

after what happened Many neighbors exchanged with the police and authorities. In the video of that dialogue, someone is heard saying that “If they do not want us because we are an illegal society, if we are not suitable for this country because our salaries are not enough to buy in hard currency shops, if there is no oil to run the thermal power plants, we decide with our lives what we want.”

Referring to the raft seized by the authorities, he noted, “When they find an artifact, there are 15,000, 30,000, 100,000, 300,000 pesos from each family unit to be able to leave. We don’t want to confront you, we don’t want these people to come and attack us and we have to get that response. We are simply Cubans.”

“Let us make a decision in our lives, so that in the end you can no longer care about what you no longer have how. We have no way to buy a glass of milk because it is in hard currency, and we have no way to buy a pair of shoes because it is in hard currency (…) We are humble people who are not stealing anything.”

At that moment, the audience interrupted the individual and applauded.

“You have no way to take care of us, because there is no current at the moment and my daughter is bitten by mosquitoes. If I get dengue, what should I do I am an eight month old girl. However, when I pass by the homes of the senior leaders, they have power, they have a factory”condemn.

“Don’t attack us when we make a boat, when they should give us a medal”confirmed.

El Salado and Playa Baracoa are an area they frequently leave. In previous months there was Clashes between border guards and wooden beams In similar situations.

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