FIFA bans Russia and leaves its venue without anthem and flag | Football | Sports

FIFA bans Russia and leaves its venue without anthem and flag |  Football |  Sports

The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) Was scheduled for this Sunday Russia plays its own games outside their bordersBecause of this Invasion of Ukraine By the Russian army.

The highest event in world football And banned the anthem and flag in all competitionsIn addition Reserves the right to “additional sanctions, including final exclusion from competition.”The action was called for hours by the French Football Confederation (FFF).

Participate in international competitions, especially the play-offs for the 2022 World Cup at the end of March, Russia must compete under the name “Russian Football Federation”. (RFU), led by Gianni Infantino, marked the event.

These are the results that the football world has been waiting for for days. Taken “unanimously” by the FIFA Council, Marked the event.

This announcement further enhances Doubts about the first game of the World Cup playoffsScheduled against Poland on March 24, after the Polish Confederation announced its refusal to play against the Russian team.

Sweden and the Czech RepublicEven Russia’s potential rivals in the play-off final They declared that they refused to face that country.

FIFA “considers” the position of these federations and urged “dialogue” to find “appropriate and acceptable solutions”.

FIFA’s announcement comes after the president of the French Football Association. Noel Le Great will be in favor of “excluding Russia” from the World Cup Qatar-2022.

“The sports world, especially football, cannot be neutral. I do not oppose the exclusion of Russia,” Le Graët told Le Parisien.

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The English Federation (FA) announced that for its part Will ban their national teams from playing against the Russian team at any stage “In solidarity with Ukraine and without hesitation to condemn the atrocities of the Russian leadership.” (D)

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