FIFA President Gianni Infondino

FIFA President Gianni Infondino

FIFA President Gianni Infondino spoke about the recent penalties imposed on federations for the homophobic screams experienced in stadiums during qualifying rounds. Mexico, one of the countries that has done the most work to eradicate it, is taking a step back and the chairman of the football governing body has praised it.

Infondino called it a “stupid habit” that racism and homosexual screams are used by fans to stir up frustration on stage. In Mexico, the rival goalkeeper screams when he gives his permission, while in Central American countries the public chorus glows against the rival with the slogan of homosexuality.

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“I know the Mexican Football Confederation, with its chairman and team, is working to eradicate these foolish, discriminatory practices in the arenas. We should go, get angry, celebrate, but we should not be insulted. , Stay out of the stadiums, ”Gianni Infondino told a FIFA press conference.

Honduras fans chanted homosexual slogans during the Beacon Games in Olympic and Honduras were fined.

And the Confederations in the Congo have been severely affected. Panama were forced to play behind closed doors in the next home game, with El Salvador and Honduras closing in on a big stand and severe financial penalties. Mexico played the first game of the octagon against Jamaica behind closed doors.

“When there are issues like this in a stadium, the disciplinary committee, if necessary the appellate committee, will handle these cases. As chairman of FIFA, I cannot interfere in or comment on full cases,” Infantino said.

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Then he added: “Today it is intolerable to accept racist shouts on a playground or in the field. What education, we want our families in the arenas, we have to be interested in girls and boys football, it can not be accepted, we have to work hard for education with FIFA,” he added. Gianni commented.

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