Fire Final Recap of Chicago: Whose Life Is in Jeopardy? Moreover, did Casey and Brett get together?

Fire Final Recap of Chicago: Whose Life Is in Jeopardy? Moreover, did Casey and Brett get together?

Fireman Derek Haas has promised us a cliffhanger, and in the 9th season, one team is undoubtedly dispatched to an underwater boat rescue squad. Severide, Cruz, Capp and Tony try to take a safety victim by limiting their escape routes if the boat crashes on top of them. Furthermore, they are out of flight, and the episode fades into black, and the water rises over their heads. Right on the coast, a worried Stella, Casey and Brett stare out at the lake, and for more than 22 minutes, the quartet was submerged.

Let us now go back to the beginning of the season: Casey cannot stop gazing at the watch of his Uncle, which he now sees as his Uncle Jake’s message to come out and live there. Casey informs Severide that he put everything out there with Brett, and she did not say anything in answer. In the meantime, Chicago fire the paramedics ignore him and spread his love confession. Casey understands Brett’s silence to indicate that he has made things more uncomfortable, so he backs it all up.

Fortunately, Brett comes to her senses later, finding Casey in the middle of the night outside the firehouse. “We belong together. We belong together. She replies, and he agrees. We’re right for each other.” “You know when you know that. “When Casey runs to her and kisses her, Brett ends up with me in love with you.” Both celebrate their new union in a slow, hot, wordless love session.

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Apart from that, Boden was asked whether he wanted to be regarded as a deputy district chief. He is not in the work bureaucracy, but Mouch and Herrmann tell Boden that they need people like him in these administrative roles. After Boden has championed Stella, and the neighbour says it’s lovely to have someone his son looks up to, Boden seems to decide and contacts Hill, but we can’t hear his response.

In the meantime, Violet declines the request of Gallo to leave on a date, assuming that he is a player because he dated the last firehouse paramedic. For his poor pal, Ritter vouches because nothing could be far beyond the truth, indeed. Severide invites him to be her best man before that cliffhanger and sets him to prepare a hellish bachelor’s party (“I want to finish up on a rooftop with Mike Tyson’s tiger”), then offers Stella the pleasure of talking about finding a fireplace as good as 51.

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